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Academic Success Center Where Tutoring Happens!

This web page is used for Academic Success Center staff and faculty training.

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) provides our students with a full complement of instructional and technical assistance in learning environments that allow students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve academic success. This Web Site is used for staff training.

Academic Success Center is located in Estrella Hall South, first floor and offers free tutoring online and face-to-face in most EMCC courses, assistance with Canvas, internet access, and support with various software applications. In addition, there are study rooms available, study strategies tutorials, books, microscopes, bones and other academic resources available for students to use.

Faculty Resources

Make-Up Testing

Academic Success Center/Tutoring takes a collaborative approach in responding to students' learning needs by working closely with students, faculty and staff to determine how to best support their learning expectations. An Advisory board was formed with the purpose of:

  • Providing input for prioritizing Academic Success Center initiatives, services and budget requests
  • Ensuring collaboration opportunities are maximized with all divisions and student services
  • Reviewing status of academic success center usage, operation strategies, budget, services, and initiatives

Academic Success Center Advisory Board Membership:

  • Chair appointed faculty from main content areas where tutoring is used heavily: Science,  MPE, Humanities, Languages, Computing and Occupational
  • Representation from Counseling/Advising
  • DRS director
  • Representation from Student Life Administration

Academic Success Center Advisory Board SharePoint Site