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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Academic Success Center FAQs page!

What is the EMCC Academic Success Center/Tutoring?

The Academic Success Center/Tutoring provides tutoring and resources promoting student learning and success by:

  • Offering flexible academic support and resources to help all students meet their learning goals.
  • Creating more powerful learning environments and experiences.
  • Addressing the academic support needs of underprepared students.

How does a student request tutoring?

Student will come with an EMCC student ID to the front desk in Academic Success Center/Tutoring located in Estrella Hall South, first floor to request tutoring.

What courses do you tutor?


While the emphasis is on providing math and writing support on drop-in basis, services are available for a wide range of academic courses. These include all math courses, most science courses, any course that requires writing assignments, and reading, ESL, foreign languages, sign language, occupational and instructional computing courses.

Who can receive tutoring?

Tutoring is provided to any EMCC student that is currently enrolled in and regularly attending the course(s) for which they are seeking assistance.

When is the Academic Success Center/Tutoring open?

The hours of operation for the Academic Success Center/Tutoring are posted on the web site and drop-in tutoring hours differs by subject. Please see the most updated tutoring schedule by course on the web site.

How many hours a week a student is allowed to work with a tutor?

Tutoring services in the Math, Writing and Science courses are offered on a drop-in basis and students can stay in the center as long as they need. Students receiving tutoring by appointment are allotted a maximum of two hours per week per course.

What can a student expect from Writing Success tutors?

  • We will make you feel comfortable and welcome in this learning environment
  • We will listen to your ideas, questions, and concerns about your writing
  • We will offer ideas, suggestions, and advice to improve your writing

How can I make the most of my tutoring session?

Bring these a tutoring:

  •   Class Syllabus and/or Assignment Sheet
  • Any relevant material: Textbooks, Notes, Homework, Past Quizzes, Rough Drafts, etc
  •  A Positive Attitude


  • Do these before coming to tutoring:
  •  Review the material you will be working on 
  •  Read your syllabus and/or assignment
  •  Take advantage of other resources
  •  Ask clarifying questions in class


Can a tutor help me with using the computer?

Of course, a tutor's first priority is tutoring. However, if we are not working with a student, and time permits, we will help you to the best of our ability. If you are new to computers, you may want to work in the Computer Commons where the trained computer technicians can help you or enroll in a computer skills course.

Will tutors fix my grammar and punctuation?

When we do address grammar and punctuation, we will not edit your papers. Instead, we will help you understand and apply appropriate grammar and punctuation rules yourself. This way, soon, you'll be able to edit your papers without our help.

Please remember that successful writers must make a series of decisions while writing. Your tutor can provide ideas, suggestions, and advice, but it's your responsibility as a writer to decide which strategies, if any, you will incorporate in your final draft.