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Center for Teaching and Learning

Spaces to hang out
Spaces to hang out
The CTL provides audiovisual services to support teaching and learning
The CTL provides audiovisual services to support teaching and learning
Spaces that bring people together
Spaces that bring people together
Events for professional growth
Events for professional growth
Help with your learning management system
Help with your learning management system

The CTL is the hub of teaching and learning at Estrella Mountain Community College.

The goal of the CTL is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that brings together all members of the EMCC Community to engage in the creation, integration, elaboration and celebration of teaching and learning.

Here some example of the workshops, events and services we provide.

Workshops and Events

  • Campus Conversations: Discussions about the learning college that bring all employees together.
  • Learning@Lunch: Introductions to new tools that can impact teaching and learning.
  • Day at the Office: Tools to help people become more effective in their workplace.
  • Essential Elements of EMCC: Seminars and presentations on common values that the EMCC community shares in common.
  • Technology, Teaching and Learning: In-depth presentations about how to effectively use technology for teaching and learning
  • Classroom Conversations: Informal discussions about issues that effect teaching and learning as it occurs.
  • Celebrations of Teaching and Learning: Activities that celebrate the contributions each of us make to create a learning college.


  • A centralized location that brings together resources from across the campus and the larger community to address issues impacting teaching and learning.
  • Facilities for presenting events and workshops related to teaching and learning.
  • Help with audiovisual needs related to teaching and learning.
  • Consultation about web tools, web design, hosting of simple web solutions supporting teaching and learning
  • Guidance and information about the latest technology impacting teaching and learning.
  • Support for learning management system logistical issues (e.g., CANVAS and Blackboard).
  • Providing a space to explore new ideas and technologies that impact learning.
  • Grants to encourage the use of innovation and good ideas to improve teaching and learning.

This is only a small sample of what we do. Stop on in to see how we can help you. We're here to be your one-stop location for your teaching and learning needs.