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Proposal Guidelines for Fine and Performing Arts Students

Students enrolled in Fine or Performing Arts classes at Estrella Mountain Community College are invited to submit proposals for our Annual Student Conference. This conference showcases undergraduate research across the campus’ many academic disciplines - offering students opportunities to professionally present their artwork, or to perform for our community, and to be judged by experts in the field. We welcome creative work/presentations/performances that incorporate strong research components - broadly defined.  This could manifest as Fine or Performing Art that is interdisciplinary in nature, draws upon art historical scholarship, or employs research into technique and/or technology. Visual artists will be expected to incorporate a display (either as a portfolio of artwork or PowerPoint) as well as a statement (written or spoken) tying their work to research. Similarly, performing artists are required to perform or screen a prior performance, and present a statement explicating the research related elements of their performance. For example a figurative painter might show his/her artwork and discuss how advances in anatomical studies during the Enlightenment influenced the trajectory of Figurative Art in the West while comparing and contrasting his/her work to that of the Great Masters.  A rock guitarist could explore the connection between rock music, the blues and traditional forms of African music by playing his/her music and comparing it to recorded music from other geographic regions and eras.