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Performing Arts Center (PAC)

PAC Exterior - concept
PAC Exterior - concept
PAC Interior - concept
PAC Interior - concept

Groundbreaking Ceremony:  Dec. 2, 2013
Projected completion:  March 16, 2015

The PAC will measure nearly 30,000 square feet and will include a 295 seat theater, Black Box Studio and Dance Studio. While the primary purpose of the PAC is a learning environment to support the arts, including theatre, photography, dance, fine arts, and music, the space will also be available for community events.

The PAC will be blended among the campus’ library, classrooms, learning centers and labs, providing an equal opportunity of emphasis for the arts. As the campus grows, the PAC’s design and location will continue to serve as a focal point which promotes interaction with campus life.

Incorporating funds from the voter-approved 2004 bond for the campus’ capital improvements and expansion, the PAC was intended to play a “center stage” role for expanding arts education in the West Valley.

Architect:  Orcutt Winslow Architecture
Construction/Builder:  Adolfson & Peterson Construction

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