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Event Planning

Estrella Mountain Community College is proud to create engaging and exciting events throughout the year to engage students, faculty and staff and to emphasize the college’s mission to create an rich academic environment.  “Events” at EMCC can be as simple as having a department meeting and can be as complex as a month long heritage celebration. 


From the EMC Calendars page, use the “Find a Room” button for details on using the 25Live reservations system.  Log into 25Live and follow the detailed instructions to request the appropriate space for your meeting. 

Submit the requests for your needed space 48 hours before the meeting to ensure processing time.  An email confirmation will be sent once the space request is approved. 


Campus-wide events allow students, faculty and staff to participate in EMC event and student life to create an atmosphere for growth and connection.  When planning a larger event, there are a few considerations:

  • What type of event are you planning? 
  • How many people do you expect to participate?
  • Where is the best place on campus for this event?  Is that space available?
  • Will this event require funding?  Is so, have you identified the funding source?
  • Has this event been approved by your Dean or above?

Planning a larger campus-wide event may require additional EMCC resources, including the EMCC Facilities Team, Media Team, Public Safety Team and others.  Before planning any larger event, submit your space request and include notes for set up, media needs and public safety needs.  

For help with event planning email: dl-emc-eventrequests@estrellamountain.edu