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Campus Updates - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
EMCC receives $13.5 million TAACCCT grant

As the lead institution for an education-energy consortium, Estrella Mountain Community College helped form the Arizona Sun Corridor Get Into Energy Consortium (ASC-GIEC) and received a $13.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. EMCC is joined by Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Northland Pioneer College, Pima Community College and Yavapai Community College to develop programs and help fulfill the state's energy industry workforce needs. The grant is part of the recent $500 million federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative intended for the development and expansion of innovative training programs at community colleges and universities nationwide.

The ASC-GIEC advances sustainable solutions to meet the critical demands of the energy and mining industries, while improving the content and delivery of education and training programs in the Arizona Sun Corridor. The primary focus of the grant is to build program pipelines for current and future employees, preparing them for energy jobs or other occupations requiring similar skill sets, such as technicians, line workers, plant operators, skilled craftsmen, and engineers. Read more.


As a Learning College, EMCC promotes learning excellence for both employees and students. Each issue we highlight how we are living the Learning College; learning happens ... Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyplace. Let us know how you are learning and recognizing others' contributions!

CATS of the Month

The first Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System (CATS) award was given to Nikol Price, Jennifer Wong, Chris Zagar and Terry Meyer for their Library Skills for CPD project. Click to learn more about their innovative assessment project.

Presentations & Publications

Jonathan Robles and Vivian Miranda presented at the  National Community College Hispanic Council Annual Leadership Symposium. Their presentation, Engage Estrella: Making Connections through Mentoring, focused on EMCC's mentoring program and student engagement.


EMCC's iConnect program focuses us, as a college and community, to become actively involved with student engagement. Our iConnect "report cards" help us communicate with each other about 1) how we are building relationships and 2) our experiences within EMCC's Learning College:

Rachel Holmes (Occupational Education) - "I am meeting bi-weekly with a student and helping her plan a daily 30-minute tutoring plan, which she used to tutor her younger brother in 7th grade."

Chris Roadlander (Information Commons) - "I assisted a student connect their Kindle to EMCC wifi."

Eddie Zuleger (Occupational Education) - "In the AJS study hall, we have weekly sessions to help students with course work and other issues students deal with."

Susan Stovall (SWSC) - "We held an optional mock simulation of the national coding test for our students."

Cherry Grimes (Administration) - "A student was lost and didn't know where her classes were located. I printed out her schedule and an EMCC map. I marked where her classes were and where she should park for best access to the building."

If you have not yet signed up for the iConnect pledge, visit the President's office or Mariposa faculty offices to get your cards & pen! If you have pledged, drop off your report cards in the iConnect boxes on campus: President's Office, CTL, SWSC, Komatke A, and Mariposa Hall. Stay connected!


Many projects and division activities occur across campus. A few initiatives that have a significant impact include:

EMCC United Way Campaign Begins

EMCC's Achieving a College Education (ACE) program was selected for EMCC's 2012 United Way Campaign. Monies raised through campaign events will go directly to EMCC's ACE program, which currently assists 151 EMCC ACE students. The campaign runs October 1 to November 5, during which time you can:

  • participate in on-campus events and activities
  • direct pledges to community organizations
  • dine & donate at selected restaurants
  • watch the Mustache-shaving main event!!! 

Look for campaign updates through email. Learn MORE.

SouthWest Skill Center (SWSC) creates Institute Model

To support occupational program completion, an Institute Model was created and piloted. The model identifies student intent based on course taking behavior. Students are invited by faculty to Institute Orientations designed to provide information about program pathways and available resources. Currently, seven institutes are available to students: Business, Culinary, Energy Network Technologies, Nursing, Public Safety, and Teacher Education.

Construction Updates

The Estrella Hall Expansion and Renovation project is well underway. The rough construction is wrapping up and preparing for the finishing trades to begin work. If you haven't seen the building lately, the glass curtain wall is currently being installed! Construction Updates are posted weekly and are available online.


Efforts are made locally and nationally to increase student success and learning. Sharing our best practices both in the classroom and in daily processes helps us improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

National: Seven Tips to Help Students Listen

Active Listening is a skill most individuals expect students to have, yet few students have developed the ability to acquire information aurally (e.g. lectures). Faculty Focus offers seven tips to help students learn to listen and listen to learn. The tips are also useful when considering how to engage an audience and prepare for presentations! More.

EMCC: CTL offers additional workshops

As a Learning College, EMCC promotes best practices and encourages everyone to engage in learning. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) brings many workshops to EMCC's campus to increase the convenience of employee development and develop skills that help learners learn. Registration is as simple as logging into the CTL website.

Teacher Education Institute: Teaching Tip 

Without Apology

We all have taught lessons that were in our course competencies that we considered mundane. However, as teacher and author Doug Lemov puts it, there is no boring content. He goes on to say that “a belief that content is boring is a self-fulfilling prophecy” (p. 52). How to avoid this? Follow these tips:

  • Don’t assume that anything you teach is boring, and don’t apologize for it.
  • Don’t blame the content on course competencies or curricular directions.
  • Make the content accessible, even preferable, with introductory hooks. Examples are:
    • “This material is great because it’s challenging!”
    • “Lots of people don’t understand this until they get to college!”
    • “We’re going to have some fun today!”

Source: Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College (2009). By Doug Lemov. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Submitted by: Rachel Holmes and Pete Turner

  • Employee Introductions
  • Douglas Spencer - Coordinator, Learning Center

    Lasana Hotep - Director, College Education Services

    Pam Grady - Manager Disability Services

    James Waugh - Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness

    Nancy McNeil - Coordinator, Veterans Services

    Christopher Black - Program Manager, EMT

  • NISOD Winners from EMCC (2011-12)
  • Dr. Christopher Coleman - Psychology Faculty

    Dr. Bertha Medina - Counseling Faculty

    Ms. Susan Malmo - English Faculty

  • Health Awareness and Career Expo (HACE)

    Learn and share health awareness topics and information. LOOK for the helicopter! Get information on job openings and/or internship opportunities in ALL types of careers. More.

    • Date: Wednesday, October 3
    • Time: 9am-1pm
    • Location: EMCC campus

    EMCC United Way: A Picture's Worth a Million Votes

    Information and history about voting rights. Non-partisian on-site voter registration. Photo booth with fun costumes. More.

    • Date: Wednesday, October 3
    • Time: 9am-12pm
    • Location: Next to HACE event

    Domestic Violence Awareness Week

    Clothesline Project (CLP) displayed on campus. Silent Witness Display. Speakers and Presentations. Click Events Calendar for more information.

    • Date: October 10-19
    • Time: Weeklong
    • Location: Ceremonial Plaza

    EMCC United Way: Great Mustache Debate

    Kick-off event for EMCC's United Way 2012 campaign. Grow and shave debate - you'll recognize their 'stache, but will you know them without it? Patriotic sashes and hats crafting event. More.

    • Date: Wednesday, October 10
    • Time: 12-1:30 pm
    • Location: Montezuma Plaza

    Hispanic Heritage Month: Power Summit

    Events, Films, and Guest Speakers featured September 19 - October 11. Final event - Power Summit - is an opportunity to collaborate with leaders and be the change you want to see. 

    • Date: Thursday, October 11
    • Time: 11:45am -12:45pm
    • Location: Student Union

    Love Your Body Week

    Events, Films, and Guest Speakers featured October 22-26. Funded in part by Sociology course fees. Click Events Calendar for more information.

    • Date: October 22-26
    • Time: Weeklong
    • Location: Ceremonial Plaza