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Campus Updates - Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beta Alpha Xi, EMCC's Phi Theta Kappa chapter, received numerous distinctions at the 2013 Arizona Regional Convention. Of the many awards, EMCC received "Distinguished Chapter", which allows Beta Alpha Xi to send a student to PTK's International Honors Institute this summer, and a 5-star status, which is the 17th consecutive time Beta Alpha Xi has received the status since chartering in 1995. Additional honors include:

  • Distinguished Member: Rachel Parsons
  • Best Honors in Action Project related to Competition in Education
  • Arizona Region Executive Board, selection as Central District VP: Randall Fields

As a Learning College, EMCC promotes learning excellence for both employees and students. Each issue we highlight how we are living the Learning College; learning happens ... Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyplace. Let us know how you are learning and recognizing others' contributions! 

EMCC Faculty Selected as Artist in Residence

EMCC faculty George 'Kip' Sudduth is featured as an Artist in Residence at Paradise Valley Community College. The Birth of Pegasus (shown) is "a visualization from childhood memories ... owning and training an Arabian-Quarter horse in conjunction with a love of mythology and legend." His work is on display through March 29 in conjunction with the Emerging Artist exhibit for students.


EMCC's iConnect program focuses us, as a college and community, to become actively involved with student engagement. Our iConnect "report cards" help us communicate with each other about 1) how we are building relationships and 2) our experiences within EMCC's Learning College:

Susan Hansen (SWSC) - "I helped two phlebotomy students with extra study guides to master three medical terminology chapters."

Kristen Hepburn (Occupational Education) - "I helped a student identify a program of study and helped her pick classes for the semester that fit within the degree track she chose."

Rich Marmon (IT) - "On a Friday night, I helped fix a problem with the projector in the community room for the Honor Society induction ceremony."

Jia Wu (CTL) - "During a shuttle service ride, I had a conversation with the driver about EMCC."

Dave Topping (IT) - "A new adjunct faculty member needed some assistance finding his classroom. I gave him the 'EMCC Treatment' and he left totally stoked to start the semester."

Debbie Kushibab (Administration) - "I met with my mentee - a wonderful woman raising her grandchildren while a full-time student - and we discussed her goal of becoming a nurse."

If you have not yet signed up for the iConnect pledge, visit the President's office or Mariposa faculty offices to get your cards & pen! If you have pledged, drop off your report cards in the iConnect boxes on campus: President's Office, CTL, SWSC, Komatke A, and Mariposa Hall. Stay connected! 

'Soft' Opening for Estrella Hall

During Spring Break, the new addition to Estrella Hall opens and migration into the building begins. The information commons and library will be closed March 11-15 for the move. Beginning Monday, March 18, the new building will house:

  • Information Commons and Library: located on the first floor of the new building
  • Learning Enhancement and Writing Center: located on the second floor of the new building
  • 6 study rooms for students
  • limited faculty offices

Estrella Hall will gradually accomodate more individuals. Until that time, keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • Entry to building: first floor entrances only 1) East, from Montezuma and 2) West, from Mariposa
  • Second floor limitations: classrooms, study rooms and computer areas are NOT available for use
  • Conference Center: standalone building is NOT available for use

Additionally, the remodel for Estrella Hall begins Spring Break and will continue through the summer. As construction progresses, expect periodic restrictions of the building. Construction updates are available online.


Efforts are made locally and nationally to increase student success and learning. Sharing our best practices, both in the classroom and in daily processes, helps us improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

Twittering Women's History Month

EMCC faculty Annie Buentello and student Crystal Martinez are using Twitter to connect students to Women's History Month (WHM). The two will tweet about events throughout March, providing both event 'reminders' and 'live feeds'. The posts / tweets will be grouped together under the hashtag #WHMEMCC13. Read more.

Student Conference Q & A Goes Virtual

To prepare for the MCCCD Annual Student Conference, held at EMCC May 2, EMCC's Academic Liaison Christina Van Puymbroeck is using multiple forms of communication to help faculty prepare themselves and students for the conference. The in-person Q&A session, held March 7 (2-4pm) in the CTL, can be joined remotely via Google Hang-out. Additionally, questions can be sent via email for inclusion in the session. The session will be recorded and posted to the conference website for future reference. The Conference provides students an experience of presenting their own research in a formal conference environment and building both academic and soft skills.

  • 2013 EMCC Juried Student Art Show
  • Over 50 works of art, created by EMCC students, are on display throughout the month of March.

    • Date: March 1-April 1
    • Location: Estrella Hall, Komatke Hall
  • Shoulds and Shouldn'ts of Gender - WHM event
  • Interactive learning experience to increase students' awareness of gender perceptions and social norms. More info.

    • Date: Thursday, March 7
    • Time: 10:00-11:00am
    • Location: CTL
  • Walk 'n Talk
  • Informal discussions about faculty development topics. March 7 topic: How to deal with students who resist active-learning approaches.

    • Date: Thursday, March 7
    • Time: 1:00pm
    • Location: Meet at flagpoles
  • Coffee Talk Series
  • Informal Q&A between students and administration to promote students' learning journey and discuss issues related to their success. Complimentary donuts and coffee are served.

    • Date: Friday, March 8
    • Time: 9:00-10:00am
    • Location: Student Union
  • SWSC Completion Ceremony
  • Students in Distribution Logistics, Emergency Medical Techology, Spanish Medical Interpreter, Phlebotomy, and Practical Nurse programs will be recognized during the SWSC completion ceremony.

    • Date: Friday, March 8
    • Time: 4:00-6:00pm
    • Location: Ceremonial Plaza
  • Spring Break
  • Estrella Hall - library and information commons - closed March 11-15. Normal business hours for college March 11-13.

    • College closed: March 14 & 15
  • Love Yourself, Empower Yourself - WHM event
  • Three-part workshop provides information and techniques to critically evaluate mass media and the effects on children. More info.

    • Date: Monday, March 18
    • Time: 10:00-11:00am
    • Location: CTL
  • Poetry Slam - WHM event
  • Students read poetry, create spoken words and express powerful statements on women's rights. Open to employees and community members. More info.

    • Date: Tuesday, March 19
    • Time: 11:30am-12:45pm
    • Location: Ceremonial Plaza
  • Stop Calling Me Girl Film Festival - WHM Event
  • During this showing, Stop Calling Me Girl features the topic Gender and Politics.

    • Date: Tuesday, March 19
    • Time: 12:00-1:30pm
    • Location: Plaza Gallery
  • SWSC Open House
  • Meet program instructors, tour SWSC medical labs, and obtain financial aid and enrollment information. Open to community.

    • Date: Tuesday, March 19
    • Time: 4:00-8:00pm
    • Location: SouthWest Skill Center