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Campus Updates - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Display Highlights EMCC Student Success Stories

Everyone has a story to share and the EMCC Science and Math Hall of Fame shares the success stories of students who have taken at least one math or science course at EMCC.  The Hall of Fame was recently updated with nine new student profiles; the posters highlight the students' experiences in learning and the challenges they have overcome. The students represent a wide range of backgrounds, goals and abilities. Not all are straight A students or passed their Science and Math classes the first time, but all found success in Science and Math at EMCC. Visit the Hall of Fame by the Montezuma Hall reef tank and read their stories: Kristin Williams, Yolanda Raya, Vanessa Martin, Paul Martin, Jose Rincon, Britany Miranda, Chris Hurtado, Francisco Mascarenas, and Savannah Craig.

Dean of Academic Affairs Featured in Phoenix Business Journal

Dr. Kathleen Iudicello recently received a one-year-only re-assignment to EMCC's Dean of Academic Affairs. In the position she will provide leadership for the Divisions of Arts and Composition, Behavioral Science and Cultural Studies and Modern Languages. Additionally, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), E-learning, the Learning Enhancement Center and Instructional Support Services are areas that report into the position. Her profile was recently featured online in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Dr. Iudicello began her professional career at EMCC in 1997 as an English faculty member. Among her many leadership roles, she served as Division Chair for Arts and Composition, EMCC Faculty Senate President and Faculty Association President at the District. Kathleen has been a strong advocate of student success and helped foster the online publication written by EMCC students - The Lion's Perspective. The first issue was published in Spring 2013.

Engage Estrella Accepting Mentees and Mentors

Launched last year, Engage Estrella (E2) Mentoring program was phenomenally successful due to the tremendous support of employees who volunteered to mentor a student. Students and employees are paired for 2 consecutive semesters in a mentoring relationship and meet 2 times per month (30 minutes per meeting) to work towards student success goals. Mentors and mentees explained the benefits of mentoring. Watch the video.

  • To become a mentor, apply through the online employee application.
  • Mentor training is held September 4 and 5 in the CTL. Register online for one session.
  • Encourage students to participate. The online student application is due Friday, August 30.
  • The launch party (when mentees and mentors meet for the first time) is September 10, 4:00pm, Estrella Conference Center.

New features have been added to the program's website, including:

Employees who mentored last year and completed two semesters with their mentees are encouraged to reapply as a mentor for a new student.

Estrella Hall Grand Opening Activities Focus on Student Success

The Estrella Hall remodel and expansion is complete and the project will be formally presented to the community September 5. As part of the Grand Opening, students can participate in several activities:

  • Mascot naming contest: Students submit ideas for the mascot name August 19-23. Voting begins Saturday, August 24. Mascot name will be announced during the mascot reveal September 5.
  • Student Resources passport: Students learn about the resources available at EMCC by collecting passport stamps at various campus destinations. Completing the passport allows students to earn a t-shirt or canvas bag. September 5-12.
  • Mascot reveal: New mascot will be unveiled and name announced.  September 5, 9:50am - Reveal, Estrella Hall North.
  • Building Tours: Tours of the facilities and college resources conducted throughout the day. September 5 , 10:00am- 4:00pm tours, 11am-1pm - food/radio station.
  • iPad drawing: Students enter their completed passport into a drawing to win an iPad, donated by Okland Construction. Drawing held September 13.
Teacher Education Institute: Teaching Tip

Part I of a two-part series, compiled by EMCC instructors: Pete Turner, Rachel Holmes, Becky Baranowski, Jim Cerven, Bronwen Steele, Olga Tsoudis, Erik Huntsinger, Erin Blomstrand, Ro Turner.

Start the Year Off Right With Ethical Teaching

Are you an ethical teacher? What are the hallmarks of ethical teaching? Communications with colleagues on the EMCC campus reveal practical tips for being an ethical teacher.

  • Start and end class on time;
  • Be prepared for each class session;
  • Know your students and use their names;
  • Respond to student communications in a timely and professional manner;
  • Help them when they need help;
  • Clarify assignments and inform students of any adjustments to the class schedule;
  • Provide academic feedback and grade and return assignments in a timely fashion;
  • Hold all students to high expectations;
  • Be available for individual consultation;
  • Follow your course syllabus - if you make changes to it, let students know in advance;  
  • Don't bring a negative attitude into the classroom - leave it at the door.

There were so many great ideas from these people, that next edition we will cap our advice about ethical teaching. Thanks to our “experts” on our own campus!

Submitted by Rachel Holmes and Pete Turner, Teacher Education Institute.

  • Introductions
    • Eva Cruz, Student Services Specialist
    • Marcie Tiano, Administrative Secretary
    • Monique Camacho, Sr. HR Analyst
    • Gerard Happ, Computer Lab Technician
    • Yvonne Tapia, Director Early Outreach Programs
    • Kimberly Graber, Counselor
    • Heather Muns, Faculty - Reading
    • Theresa Peterson, Faculty - Clinical Nursing
    • Nancy Mitchell-Merrill, Faculty - Clinical Nursing
    • Maria Rosales, Faculty - Spanish
    • Teri Graham, Faculty - Math
    • Cheryl Gipson-Thurman, Faculty - AJS
    • Janaea McAlee, Faculty - Dance
    • Muhammad Sandhu, Faculty - Biology
    • Karen Shively, Faculty - English/Journalism
  • Departures
    • Brachelle McMurry, Sr. Human Resources Manager
    • Sarah Esquivel, Secretary/Lab Assistant - Practical Nursing Program
    • Tanya Spillman, Instructor - Practical Nursing Program
    • Amy Torgerson, Director Early Outreach Programs
    • John Witwer, SWSC Program Manager - Simulation

  • Make A Difference NOW Presentation
  • Theresa Grant, Founder/Chair of Make A Difference NOW, is the featured presenter. She will discuss her work in orphanages and how she supports 22 orphans in Tanzania, Africa. Open to students and community.

    • Date: Wednesday, August 21 & Thursday, August 22
    • Time: Wed - 4:15-5:45pm, Th - 8:30-9:45am & 1:00-2:15pm
    • Location: Plaza Gallery
  • Voter Registration - Women's Equality Day Celebration
  • Women's Equality Day / Getting the Right to Vote is promoted with voter registration forms, bookmarks, treats and an informational display.

    • Date: Monday, August 26
    • Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
    • Location: Student Union
  • Regions Restaurant Opens for Semester
  • Regions Restaurant, run by the Culinary program on campus, opens for the semester. Reservations can be made online or call 623.935.8396.

    • Date: Wednesday, August 28
    • Time: 11:30am seating opens
    • Location: Regions
  • EMCC MAT Meeting
  • EMCC MAT President will present information from District. All MAT employees welcome to attend.

    • Date: Thursday, August 29
    • Time: 12:00-1:00pm
    • Location: KOM A - Conference Center
  • Coffee Talk
  • Informal Q&A between students and administration to promote students' learning journey and discuss issues related to their success. Complimentary donuts and coffee are served. Open to all students. Debbie Kushibab and Sue Tavakoli are the invited administrators.

    • Date: Friday, September 6
    • Time: 9:00-10:00am
    • Location: Student Union