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Spring 2014 Academic Early Alert

How to Submit an Alert:

Click on the link below. You will be required to sign in using the username and password that you use to access campus computers. The form includes instruction on how to file an academic early alert. If you have trouble accessing the form, please contact Dr. Jann Contento at 623-935-8903 or by email Jann.Contento@estrellamountain.edu.

Link to Early Alert Form


Estrella Mountain’s Academic Early Alert Program provides faculty a process to refer students who may benefit from additional support. Functional support options may include academic and student services.

Faculty Referrals:

Instructors who observe a pattern of student behavior that may endanger a student’s success in their course are encouraged to provide an early alert notice - preferably within the first few weeks of the semester. When recognizing a student for early alert intervention, instructors are encouraged to provide particular reason(s) for concern if applicable. This information assists in identifying risks factors and helps guide strategies that support student retention and success.

Instructors can recommend a student for intervention anytime throughout the semester. However, the more timely the referral, and more complete the information provided, the greater the opportunity to help a student avoid a potentially unsuccessful outcome.

When flagging a student as potentially benefitting from early alert intervention:

  1. Access the Academic Early Alert webpage
  2. Log in to access the Academic Early Alert form.
  3. Complete the form. Please be sure to provide referral details in the narrative portion of the form. Note: some fields are mandatory.
  4. Click “Submit”.

Program Actions:

All referred students will be notified (i.e., email, telephone, etc.) at the time of referral. The student has the option to pursue recommended support services. Students will be directed to the appropriate campus support service professional (i.e., tutors, counselors, advisors, etc.) based on the referral category indicated on the form.

Overall success rates (based on student contact, behavior change, and semester GPA) may vary depending on individual academic course and particular events. The College’s efforts in making personal student contacts support national (best practice) efforts for improving student engagement through interactive institutional methods.