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Environmental Scan

The purpose of the environmental scan is to provide a broad range of information that will enable decision-makers to understand the current environment, anticipate future trends, and incorporate this understanding into the strategic directions of the college.

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Did You Know?
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Economy, Education, Social, Political, and Workforce Trends
Service Area Demographics
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Educational Attainment
Household Median Income
Map EMCC Service Area
Poverty Rates
Service Area Growth
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Building Permits
Home Values
MAG Population Projections
Occupied Housing Units
Business and Industry
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Average Earnings Educational Attainment
Average Wage by Occupation
Employment Opportunities by City
Largest and Fastest Growing Occupations
Major Employers in EMCC Service Area (100+ Employees)
Projected Job Openings
Unemployment Rates
Public School
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High School Aims Test Results
High School Drop Out Rates
High School Enrollment
High School Ethnicity
High School Graduates attending EMCC
High School Graduation Rates
High Schools in EMCC Service Area