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Distribution Logistics Technician

SouthWest Skill Center Program

Visit our "Start Dates / Information Session" page for regular program timelines and contact information.  The next Project SEARCH program starts Summer 2015.

The Southwest Skill Center offers a Certificate of Completion (CCL) for a Distribution Logistics Technician.

Students will learn aspects of distribution logistics including how to receive, store, transport and issue merchandise, materials, equipment. Employment skills such as communication and professionalism in the workplace are also introduced in the program to help students prepare for their job search. 

Technicians can expect to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials. Job environments could be indoors or outdoors, in warehouses, stockrooms and storage yards. Large and small equipment is often required, such a pallet jacks. On-the-job training is sometimes offered to familiarize new employees to products and standardized logistics. Some material handling may require special training.

Why Distribution Logistics @ EMCC?

The Southwest Skill Center at Estrella Mountain Community College is located in the growing Southwest Phoenix where many businesses and large-scale retailers are entering the market. EMCC is a strong, strategic partner in building a trained workforce to support the need for new employees with qualified skills.

The number of regional and national warehouses, plus industries related to the transporting of materials, has grown significantly in the Southwest Valley of Phoenix. The need for trained entry-level employees is continuing to increase respectively, thus making this program and certificate a valuable career path.

This program is part of the Industrial Skills Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks and professional opportunities within their selected field(s) of study.

Career and Employment Outlook: 

As a Distribution Logistics Technician, you can help a company extend its national and global reach – linking factories, suppliers, and customers.

With a solid background in distribution logistics, you could find careers in fields such as transportation and traffic management, purchasing, inventory control, contract management, and warehouse management.

Industry jobs offer physically challenging, but rewarding, careers in fast-paced environments such as manufacturing, retail, utilities, technology and aerospace, state or federal agencies, and the transportation and distribution industries.

The median wage in Arizona is between $9.69 for stock clerks and order fillers and $11.03 for shipping and receiving clerks.  With a little experience and supervisory knowledge, move up quickly to first-line supervision positions which have a median wage of $19.75.  Between now and 2018, job growth is projected up to 4 percent.