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Distribution Logistics Technician

The Certified Distribution Logistics Technician Program (CDP) prepares students for employment in warehousing and distribution centers by teaching them fundamental soft skills and industry specific skills. Students will apply critical thinking to solve warehouse and distribution scenarios and demonstrate proper material handling techniques. The curriculum also sharpens the skills of persons already working in the industry by preparing them for greater responsibility and growth in their careers.
Required Courses
 Clock Hours:160
DLT101 Orientation to CDP Program1
DLT103 Introduction to the CDP Program2
DLT105 Introduction to Business Principles5
DLT107 General Plant Safety5
DLT109 Learning for Success2
DLT111 Managing Change3
DLT113 Self Management and Personal Wellness4
DLT115 Positive Work Ethic2
DLT117 The Art of Effective Communication8
DLT119 Working Together8
DLT121 Positive Image2
DLT123 Interview Skills5
DLT125 Warehousing and Distribution8
DLT127 Warehousing Productivity Measures4
DLT129 Methods of Inventory Management6
DLT131 Protecting Materials and Merchandise2
DLT133 Palletizing8
DLT135 Handling Systems8
DLT137 Processing Hazardous Materials4
DLT139 Scanners and Data Entry6
DLT141 Warehousing Data Applications2
DLT143 Problem Solving8
DLT145 Introduction to Industrial Controls2
DLT147 Introduction to Computers and Automation14
DLT149 Math and Measurement8
DLT151 Calculators3
DLT153 Powered Industrial Truck Operator14
DLT155 Warehousing Simulations16

Program Competencies