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Emergency Medical Technology

The EMT program provides simulated clinical events called "emergency patient management" excercises in lieu of an externship at an offsite clinical location. Students have the option of participating in an 8-hour clinical rotation in addition to the emergency patient management exercises. Please consult the SKEMT104 Student Handbook for more information about this option.  

This Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Emergency Medical Technology includes the techniques for Emergency Management of the sick and injured in the pre-hospital setting. Upon completion of the 208 clock hour course students will have attained the knowledge to treat frequently encountered emergency medical emergencies including cardiac arrest, stroke, respiratory problems, and diabetic problems to name a few. Additionally student will have knowledge of the proper care procedures for traumatic injuries that can arise from motor vehicle accidents, stabbings, shootings, and assaults. Students will also learn basic pharmacology in order to assist with patient medications.
Required Courses
 Clock Hours:208
SKEMT104Basic Emergency Medical Technology160
SKEMT102ABBasic Emergency Medical Responder40
SKEMT101CPR Basic Cardiac Life Support8