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Industrial Electronics Technology

SouthWest Skill Center Program
NOTE:  The Industrial Electronics Technology program is no longer accepting new enrollments. The program will discontinue as of December 2015.
New students who are interested in Industrial Electronics Technology degree and certificate programs, are encouraged to contact an EMCC Advisor to explore other program options at Estrella Mountain, including the NEW Idustrial Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies (IMET), or at other Maricopa County Community Colleges.
Students who are receiving Financial Aid at EMCC should check with the Financial Aid office on any changes to their current program of study.


SouthWest Skill Center’s Industrial Electronics Technology training program will provide you with skills necessary to succeed and progress in an industrial maintenance setting.  The focus is on the troubleshooting and repair of electrical/electronic equipment found in manufacturing and other industrial facilities.

Successful students will recieve a Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Industrial Electronics Technology.

This unique program offers many additional maintenance skills needed in an industrial environment including an in-depth understanding of hydraulics, pneumatics, print reading/plant drawings, material handling and technical math skills.

Skills mastered by Industrial Electronics Technology program completers will include equipment maintenance and repair, troubleshooting, critical thinking, and complex problem solving.  Along with an introduction to computer software applications and industrial safety, students will learn hand and power tool use, oxyfuel welding, rigging, and piping systems.

Learning studio settings, computer commons, lab environs, and an externship will all be utilized.  Students will get hands on training to prepare them for careers in occupations critical to all types of industrial facility maintenance.

Technicians can expect to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms, legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.

Why Industrial Electronics Technology @ EMCC? 

The Southwest Skill Center at Estrella Mountain Community College is located in the growing Southwest Phoenix where many businesses are entering the market. EMCC is a strong, strategic partner in building a trained workforce to support the need for new employees with qualified skills.

This program is part of the Industrial Skills Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks and professional opportunities within their selected field(s) of study.

Career and Employment Outlook: 

The number of regional and national industries related to industrial electronics technology, has grown significantly in the Southwest Valley of Phoenix. The need for trained entry-level employees is continuing to increase respectively, thus making this program and certificate a valuable career path.

Students who successfully complete the Industrial Electronics Technology (IET) program will not only receive a Certificate of Completion from the SouthWest Skill Center, they will also receive portable, industry-recognized credentials from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) in the Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation Technician program.