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Industrial Electronics Technology

Industrial Electronics Technology provides an externship during SKELT296WA.

Gainful Employment Information
The Industrial Electronics Technology Program (IEP) will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed and progress in an industrial maintenance setting. The focus is on the troubleshooting and repair of electrical/electronic equipment found in manufacturing and other industrial facilities. This unique program offers many additional maintenance skills needed in an industrial environment including an in-depth understanding of hydraulics, pneumatics, print reading and plant drawings, material handling and technical math skills.
Required Courses
 Clock Hours:670
SKBPC101AAIntroduction to Computers I15
SKTDR102Workplace Skills15
SKGTC106Industrial Safety30
SKPPT101Hand and Power Tools30
SKPPT103Print Reading and Plant Drawings30
SKPPT115Hydraulics and Pneumatics90
SKGTC107Technical Mathematics I45
SKELT102Mathematics for Electronics II45
SKPPT102Introduction to Electricity51
SKELC119Concepts of Electricity and Electronics99
SKELT113Basic Electronics60
SKAEN100Survey of Alternative Energy30
SKPPT120Energy Industry Fundamentals60
SKELT296WACooperative Education40

Program Competencies