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Interdisciplinary Storytelling

Pursuit of Academic Certificates (AC) in storytelling (Interdisciplinary Storytelling and Advanced Interdisciplinary Storytelling) provides students the opportunity to explore a variety of culture perspectives in literature and to develop creative content for live presentation and/or multimedia.  Coursework requires students to explore stories from around the world and to participate in various art forms (dance, music, art) to prepare the stories for performance.

Opportunities are provided to explore a variety of art forms and cultural perspectives to enhance creative content development. Students can choose to concentrate study within a specific culture and/or to refine artistic ability to create compelling original stories.

Career and Employment Outlook: 

The certificates provide students the opportunity to develop deeper understanding of points of view and to advance their artistic skills to achieve their fine arts goals. Many professions including education, health, performing arts and business utilize the power of stories to illustrate key points, to influence a point of view and/or to help others better understand themselves and others.