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Invest in your future!

The SouthWest Skill Center’s continued focus on ease and affordability creates a distinct approach to learning schedules and fee payment that differs from other colleges and campuses.  Classes are calculated according to clock hours instead of semester based credits and programs that are 600+ clock hours qualify for financial aid.

     Tuition ($5.00 x 830 clock hours)                       $4,150.00

     Lab Fees                                                              $512.00

     Registration fee                                                     $15.00 (Cross Term fee may apply +$15.00)

     Graduation fee                                                      $15.00

Program Cost (sub-total)                                  $4,692.00

Additional Investments (estimated)

     Books                                                                  $368.00

     Immunizations & Physical Exam                           $250.00

     Fingerprint application                                          $65.00

     Fingerprint roll                                                      $15.00

     Background Check                                                $57.00

     Drug Screen                                                         $37.00

     CPR Card                                                              $40.00

     Uniforms                                                               $75.00

     Stethoscope                                                         $25.00

     Sub-total                                                          $932.00

Total (Program Cost/Additional investment)      $5,624.00

Textbooks for all programs can be purchased through the Follett Bookstore.

Some programs may have additional related costs not listed above, please refer to an advisor.

All tuition and fees are subject to change pending MCCCD Governing Board Approval.