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Medical Billing & Coding

Gainful Employment Information
The Medical Billing and Coding Program (MBC) prepare individuals to enter the field of insurance processing and coding functions. Billing and Coding Specialists assign and report ICD, CPT, and HCPCS codes on insurance claims for diagnoses and procedures/services provided to patients in a variety of health care environments. The insurance billing and coding program offers individuals the opportunity to pursue a business-related career that is an essential part of the health care industry.
Required Courses
 Clock Hours:805
SKHCC130Fundamentals in Healthcare Delivery45
SKHCC145Medical Terminology for Healthcare Workers99
SKHIM105Computers in Healthcare and Health Record Systems30
SKHIM180Introduction to Medical Billing & Reimbursement50
SKHIM181Medical Claims Processing60
SKHCC204Clinical Pathophysiology140
SKHCC164Pharmacology for Allied Health40
SKHIM208ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding90
SKHIM212CPT Coding I100
SKHIM214CPT Coding II106
BCR100 Examination Review45