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EMCC offers training in Graphic Design Applications for print and for the Web. Our Desktop Publishing program is designed to prepare students to work with and design professional publications. The courses focus on training the student in desktop design and graphics design, and include portfolio development as well as a Small Business course so that students can develop portable skills, perhaps for freelance work.  For Web production, we offer a certificate in Web Design which focuses on the design aspect of Web production, including Photoshop, Flash, HTML and web GUI tools, as well as some scripting and e-commerce. Additionally, we offer a Web Development certificate that focuses more on the technical aspect of web production including interacting with web servers, databases, and more in-depth scripting.

As most businesses have need for a web presence and professional print materials, these sets of courses help students develop skills sets that can be utilized in most work environments. They can also be used to set the foundations for becoming professional graphic designers, web designers or web developers.