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Phlebotomy includes an externship in SKPLB122.

The Phlebotomy Program prepares individuals to obtain blood specimens by skin puncture and venipuncture from patients as well as correctly and safely process the specimens for laboratories. A solid education qualifies the phlebotomist to find employment in hospitals, patient service centers, life insurance companies, doctor’s offices and donor centers. Phlebotomists provide a valuable service that is part of the overall wellness plan for many patients.
Required Courses
 Clock Hours:410
SKHCC130Fundamentals in Health Care Delivery45
SKHCC146Common Medical Terminology for Health Care Workers104
SKPLB109Phlebotomy: Basic Skills60
SKPLB111Specimen Processing and Advanced Techniques in Phlebotomy Procedures81
SKPLB122Practicum: Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing120