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Radiation Protection Technology

The Radiation Protection Technology program prepares individuals, under the supervision of health physicists, occupational safety and health specialists, and public health officials, to monitor and control radiation exposure and implement preventive measures in health care, work environments, and natural environments. The courses include instruction in radiation physics, environmental radioactivity, radiological instrumentation, electronics of radiation detection equipment, radioactive waste management and control, safety and handling procedures of radioactive materials. Course work also includes decontamination procedures, radioactivity testing and analysis, and communications skills. 

Why Radiation Protection Technology @ EMCC?

Estrella Mountain’s Radiation Protection Technology program prepares students to work in the either the nuclear power generation or medical imaging/oncology treatment fields.  Arizona is home to the largest nuclear power plant in the United States and Goodyear is the location of a Cancer Treatment Center of America hospital.  Estrella Mountain Community College is one of just 33 colleges nationally to have its program certified by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).  Program graduates may receive industry certification from both Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) and NEI that is recognized at all US nuclear power plants.

Career and Employment Outlook: 

Students completing the degree in Radiation Protection Technology are prepared to assume important job roles ensuring a safe environment and workplace for employees the Nuclear Power Generation industry.  In addition, graduates may work in the medical fields where radiation is used in imaging or treatment of certain conditions. 

Transfer Options:

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