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Potential students often ask questions typical of the following. Please see the answers below for questions you may have. If you still can't find the answer you need, contact an advisor at: mailto:Swsc.advisor@estrellamountain.edu, or call 623-935-8964.

What programs are eligible for Financial Aid?

The federal guidelines for programs eligible for Financial Aid require that clock hour programs, which include the programs available at the SouthWest Skill Center, must be at least 600 hours in length. The Skill Center has 5 programs that meet this criterion; Industrial Electronics, Precision Manufacturing, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding and Welding. Please see the Disclosures / Programs information in the Student section of the Estrella Mountain website for further information on these programs. http://www.estrellamountain.edu/disclosures/programs

In addition to this, see the program links on the home page of the SouthWest Skill Center website for specific program topics and requirements.

How are SouthWest Skill Center (SWSC) programs different from EMCC programs?

The SWSC offers short term certificate programs that allow students to enter quickly into the work force.  SWSC programs are clock hour based, EMCC offers credit hours. This allows students to complete programs in a shorter overall period of time, which helps to get them in to the job market sooner. See the program links on the home page of the SouthWest Skill Center website for specific program hours, as well as topics and program requirements.

What programs does the SouthWest Skill Center offer?

The SWSC offers:

  • Distribution Logistics (160 clock hours)     
  • Emergency Medical Technology (208 clock hours)
  • Industrial Electronics (670 clock hours)
  • Medical Assistant (830 clock hours)
  • Medical Billing and Coding (805 clock hours)
  • Medical Interpreter - Spanish (170 clock hours)
  • Phlebotomy (410 clock hours)
  • Precision Manufacturing (845 clock hours)
  • Welding (coming soon)

Please see an advisor to discuss individual programs, or contact via email: mailto:Swsc.advisor@estrellamountain.edu

What is the difference between clock hours and credit hours?

For clock hours the student physically clocks in and out each day to record the total amount of hours that they are in the classroom. A typical day is from 8 AM to 2:30 PM, with a half hour lunch break. This can vary with certain programs.

Are services such as Counseling, the Disability Resource Center, & peer mentoring available to SWSC students?

Yes, SWSC students use the same resources as EMCC students, and the  Disability Resource Center is available to SWSC students, as well.

Does SWSC/EMCC offer job placement?

We do not offer job placement at this time, but we do suggest the free resources available through our Career Services Center located on campus.  Here students can explore opportunities for employment with area businesses, as well as opportunities for internships, and learn how to navigate the road to employment. More information is available at:  www.estrellamountain.edu/students/career-services

Does SWSC offer “Veterans Only” classes?

All SWSC classes are open to all students. However, Veteran's services are available through our EMCC Veteran's Services office. Here they provide "one stop" services for Veteran's academic support. Please see our Veteran's Services site at: http://www.estrellamountain.edu/students/veterans-services for more information, or call: 623 935 8937.

Is there a comparable college survival course like CPD 150 at the SWSC?

There is not a specific course, although students can certainly take CPD 150. Each program does provide guidance on how to succeed in its specific coursework.

What are the minimum scores necessary to pass the placement tests?

The SouthWest Skill Center uses the Accuplacer placement test to determine eligibility into programs. The minimum scores are listed below:


EMT: 74 or higher

Medical: 74 or higher

Industrial: 74 or higher



Medical: 23 or higher

Industrial: 23 or higher