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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Log In With EMCC's Network?

Your Windows (Active Directory) User name will be your MEID, and your password will be your MEID password. If you do not know your MEID and/or password please follow the instructions posted on the login screen of all campus computers.

What if I do not remember my MEID or Password?

Go to: https://eims.maricopa.edu/MAW/systemstatus2.pl

Click on: First Visit? Discover your MEID and set your password and challenge questions.

* Note: If you do not have a social security number, or are registered without your social security number, you must contact Computer Commons staff at: 623-935-8150.


How do I set up my student Google account?

Type: Google.Maricopa.edu in your browser line

At the login page enter:

  1. Your MEID and MEID Password
  2. Click the " I accept ...create my account" button
  3. Your email address is MEID@maricopa.edu

I forgot my Canvas MEID and/or Password

From the Estrella Mountain home page Click on Students tab Click on My.maricopa.edu icon. Click the Login tab and follow the link for 'Forgot your MEID?' or 'Forgot your password?'.

How do I connect my laptop for wireless?

In most areas of the campus, we have 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless coverage (Bluetooth devices will not work). In order to use the device with our network, you must first register your device with us. Select EMC_Public from the list of available networks on your device. You will be prompted for Username (use your MEID) and password (use your MEID login password)

How do I print?

Most programs use File and Print from the Main Menu. Also, you can right click on the screen you want to print and click Print. In the Computer Commons, computer pods are defaulted to printers A, B, and C. When you choose print in the printer name field, it tells you which printer will be printing your document.

How do I email my instructor?

Instructions for contacting your instructor are on the Welcome announcement when you first log into Canvas or in the Syllabus. Students have an official email account in Canvas provided through GoogleApps which is YourMEID@maricopa.edu . Email can be accessed from the home page by clicking Web-Email icon.

What is my print balance? What does the dollar amount mean?

When you register for classes at EMCC you get a credit of $25 which means you can print 250 pages. When you have $0 balance, you will need to go to registration and pay for printing and come to the Computer Commons desk to show the receipt. A technician will add the dollar amount to your account.

How do I submit my assignments in Canvas?

Most often Canvas assignments are submitted in the assignments page or from modules. Please read the Assignment Information at the top of the page, to make sure you fully understand the requirements for completing the assignment. At the Comments area, enter your assignment title and include your full name. At the File to Attach textbox, click the Browse button; choose File then a dialog box will open, allowing for the selection of the file you need to send from your storage drive. After the file is selected, additional files can be added by clicking Add Another File. After all the files are added, click the Submit button. You will then receive a message stating that the file has been successfully submitted. By clicking Tools, then My Grades you should see the assignment submitted.

How do I compress a file or a group of files for sending in Canvas?

When one or more files must be compressed before sending through Canvas, follow these steps: Right click on the blank area on your desktop, select new, then select folder. Name your folder. Next, select and drag your files into the folder. It is important to verify that all files required to complete the assignments are saved within this folder and that all documents are labeled correctly. Remember that once you submit your file you cannot return to add another file. Now, right click on the folder then select Send to and then select Compressed (zipped) folder. A zipped folder will be saved in the same location.

How do I format a Word document for my research paper?

To Start Microsoft Word click on Start then, Programs then, Microsoft Office, then Microsoft Office Word 2013. A new Word document will come up. Align right and type your Name, and the information your professor required (Class, Assignment #, Date, Professor Name). Click the Center button and Bold and type your title. Press enter and align left. Click File then Page Setup and set all the margins to 1”. Click on the Layout tab and under Headers and Footers mark different first page and click OK. Click on Format and under Line Spacing click double. Most of the college professors prefer double spacing. Start typing your paper and save the file every 5 minutes. To number your pages click View then select Headers and Footers. Align right and type your Last Name then click Insert and select Page Numbers.

How do I make a picture ready to insert into a Word Document or a PowerPoint presentation?

To start Paint click on Start menu, Programs, Accessories, then Paint. When the program loads, click on the Paint Dropdown menu next to the Home tab, then Open. Select the file that you wish to work on, click Open. With the picture displayed on the screen, select the Resize and skew in the image group, select Resize. On the Resize and Skew dialog box in the Resize section, the Width and Height percentage of the document is displayed. Highlight the percentage value in either Width or Height, and alter the value to your preference by percentage. Note, that when you change one of the values, the other changes automatically and proportionately. Once you have altered your document, click OK. To eliminate unwanted portions of your image, we will use the Select button in the Image group. Choose the Rectangle selection button. With the Rectangle selected, click and drag a rectangle surrounding the area of the image that you would like to capture. When you release the mouse button, you’ll see a dashed line marquee with selection “handles” on the corners and the middle of each side. You can hold your cursor over these handles and drag them to adjust the size of your selection. When your marquee is where you want it, choose the Crop button in the Image group and the image will be cropped. The area outside of this marquee is the area to be eliminated from the image. When you have completed with the changes on your image, click on the Paint Dropdown menu, select Save as. Select JPEG picture from the listing. In the Save as dialog box, select Save. Your image is now ready to be placed into your file.