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Enrollment Steps

Welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College. We want you to be successful in college, right from the start. The following steps will assist you in your transition to college. By completing these steps, you are increasing your chances of completing your educational goal. Stop by our Welcome Desk in Komatke Hall B if you have questions along the way or call 623 935 8888.

  1. Set Up Your Online Student Center

    This can be done online anytime from anywhere
    Go to my.maricopa.edu and click on Create an Account. Follow instructions provided to obtain your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) and password. (Students who do not wish to use their social security number must complete an Application for Enrollment (Student Information Form) through Enrollment Services in person or via phone at 623 935 8888 to receive a confirmation number for online set up).

    Locate Your Student ID Number

    Different from your MEID

    • In your Student Center, under Personal Information, click on Demographic Data.
    • Make a note of your Student ID Number. You will need it for all on-campus services.
  2. activate Your Official Maricopa Student E-mail Account

    In your Student Center, click on the Official Student E-mail button.

    • Enter your MEID.
    • Enter your Password.
    • Review the "disclaimer and terms of use" and click "accept terms."
    • Click Login.

    All official college communications will be sent to your official student e-mail.


    To help you to be successful in college from the start, placement testing and a Priority Advisement Workshop are required of all new students. To prepare for testing, please review the sample questions found on our website: http://www.estrellamountain.edu/students/testing-services. Bring an official photo ID and your college student ID number to your testing session. Students are required to take all three tests – English/Reading/Math – at the time of testing. Please allow 1.5-2 hours to complete all three tests. Placement testing at EMCC is FREE. Testing is a required enrollment step for new students.


    At the Priority Advisement Workshop, you will learn how to choose courses that fit your goal, how to register, and how to be successful in college.  Academic advisors will assist you in creating a preliminary academic plan, to meet your educational goals.  Students who have never attended college and have completed placement testing in English, reading and math must attend a PAW session to register for their first semester.  You will make your course selections and be ready to register for your classes at the end of this session.  Advisement is a required enrollment step for new students.

    Priority Advisement Workshops last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and are available on a regular basis.  Please visit http://www.estrellamountain.edu/students/priority-advisement-workshop or refer to the testing office for the PAW schedule.

  5. Register for Classes

    After attending a PAW session or meeting with an academic advisor you are ready to register for classes:

    • Log into my.maricopa.edu
    • Click Add a Class under Academics
    • Select Term (semester), Program (credit/noncredit), and EMCC
    • Click Search for Classes
    • Select classes that follow your academic plan.

    *Learning Starts Day One! Registration is permitted up until the first official class meeting date and time.  Registration after a class has started will not be permitted.

    **Students who fail to attend the first scheduled class meeting, or to contact the instructor regarding absence before the first scheduled class meeting may, at the option of the instructor, be withdrawn.  

  6. Attend a New Student Orientation Session

    New Student Orientation is designed to provide you with the resources you will need to maximize your potential and successfully manage your college experience. Students will sign up for an orientation session at the end of the Priority Advisement Workshop after testing. Orientation is a required enrollment step for new students.

  7. Pay Tuition and Fees

    • Online: Login at my.maricopa.edu to your Student Center. Under Finances, click Make a Payment. Select Pay by Credit Card or Pay by Payment Plan
    • In Person: See Enrollment Services located in Komatke Hall B
    • By Phone: Call 623 935 8888 to pay via credit card.