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Placement Test Preparation

Get ahead and prepare for your college placement test before enrolling at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC). Online resources are listed below and you may study on your own. Study and preview guides for the writing, reading and math placement assessments are available in the Academic Success Center/Tutoring in Estrella Hall.    EMCC Library has books for community users to check out and prepare for Acuplacer Tests.


This placement test consists of computerized tests for Math, Reading and English (WritePlacer) placement.

Download WritePlacer Guide
Download Accuplacer Sample Questions
Download the Maricopa Community College Course Placement Chart

Use this web site to practice with other free sample Accuplacer tests

Improve your placement scores using these Accuplacer Study Guides

Improve your reading study skills

Use Khan Academy Math videos and exercises to review and practice for Math.

Improve your Pre Algebra using these EMCC Math Videos

Use the Purdue Online Writing Lab resources to review and practice for Writing.

Use this web site to prepare to take a Test - Objective Sites

EMCC Library has books for community users to check out and prepare for Accuplacer Tests.


Celsa is a computerized test used for course placement into English as a Second Langage program for both English and Reading. This test takes 45 minutes to complete and consists of 75 multiple choice questions. The test is computerized only and does not include a listening or spoken portion.


See information about EMCC placement testing for HESI A2.

Please check out the HESI A2 guide at the EMCC Library desk in Estrella Hall.

Use this web site to review for HESI A2 test.

HESI Study Recommendations.