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Share Your Story-Tutoring Services Evaluation

Please take a few minutes and help make tutoring at EMCC the best it can be. What are we doing well? What could we improve? Please share your tutoring experience. This evaluation is anonymous.

Become a more independent learner
Increase my knowledge of subject/content mastery
Complete and submit assignments/projects on time
Solve problems with critical thinking skills and confidently
Improve my grades and overall GPA
Verifies Knowledge(tutor consistently checks student's level of understanding by asking and repeating questions; encouraging student attempts at answers)
Attitude(tutor is professional, positive, courteous, and receptive to students problems)
Encourages/Supports(tutor consistently uses sincere praise and encouragement)
Active Learning(tutor encourages student to locate information, asks reflection questions; and clearly and concisely explains topics)
Foster Independence (tutor creates a safe learning environment encouraging students to choose topics)