Phi Theta Kappa

Membership Process

Applying for membership in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is now online, simplifying the process for students and the Chapter. Now more resources can be spent on helping new members gain greater benefit from their Society membership and programming.

  • An individualized passcode will be given to you in order to complete the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Membership Acceptance online. Your passcode is valid only for the semester in which the invitation was issued.
  • A link to scheduled New Member Orientation meetings detailing further information about Phi Theta Kappa programs and services for members - New Member Orientations.  It will help you take full advantage of the many benefits of Phi Theta Kappa membership like scholarships, leadership development, and community service opportunities.

Online Application and Fee Payment to PTK Headquarters

Most students apply online at Accept Membership. Students applying online can securely fill out their application forms and pay a one-time membership fee of $90 via credit or debit card. A confirmation email showing the new member’s Phi Theta Kappa Membership ID Number should arrive within 24-48 hours and provide full access to member benefits.

Why Fees Are Necessary  

No one wants financial concerns to stand in the way of interested students experiencing Phi Theta Kappa membership. Still, we must collect Membership Fees before membership can be granted. We receive no programming budget from our college and so must be self-supporting.

All fees collected are used exclusively for PTK programming support, member travel and student activity-related expenses. We make every effort to minimize out-of-pocket costs for students participating in Phi Theta Kappa events and programs. 

One-time membership fees have increased to $90 because of increasing costs of online Society benefits at the international level. Access to international programs, such as Competitive Edge leadership development and scholarship search/transfer management, provide excellent resources and benefits for members that far outweigh the modest additional rise in membership fees.  Membership in PTK can also be beneficial when pursuing scholarships to universities.