Activities & Benefits

Activities & Benefits

As a member of EMCC's esteemed alumni family, your support in reaching out to prospective and current students, the community, and other alumni is crucial to the continued success of the college. You are an invaluable partner in promoting learning and engagement at EMCC and beyond.

All programs and activities of the EMCCAA will align with these key areas:

  • Membership & Community Engagement
  • Partnerships & Fundraising
  • Mentoring EMCC Students

Alumni Association Benefits

The EMCCAA provides programs and services that benefit alumni, recognize your accomplishments, and show appreciation for your continued support. By joining the association, you will stay up-to-date with EMCC news and events about what’s happening on campus. You can also benefit from several resources to help you stay engaged in the campus and community.

  • Free membership
  • Quarterly news and updates
  • Special alumni events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career and employment services
  • Free library services
  • 10% discount at the campus bookstore on all EMCC-branded merchandise (excluding textbooks)
  • Alumni advisory board (under development)
  • Student mentoring program (under development)
  • And more to come!

Alumni Perkspot 

Welcome to your Maricopa Community Colleges Discount Program for Alumni!

This is a great online exclusive one-stop shop to enjoy thousands of great discounts and specials on a variety of products, your favorite merchants and local businesses. Discounts include movie theaters, concerts, travel accommodations, home goods, and insurance providers. PerkSpot is free and can be accessed from any digital device.

Become a member to explore Perkspot and discover all that is offered. Create an account through the Maricopa Community Colleges Discount Program website.

For any questions regarding the Alumni benefits, please email

The EMCCAA wants to keep you engaged in an ongoing, rewarding relationship with EMCC, long after your final class or graduation. We’ve seen you soar and we want to hear you roar!