Find a Room

The EMC Calendars do not include all events scheduled on campus, therefore, when trying to find an available location for an event or meeting on campus, we recommend users search for available locations using the resources below. These search resources replace the need for users to search Room Books and former Webviewers for available space before submitting requests for space. Search results will only show locations that are available.

Find Available Locations

There are two easy ways to begin searching for available locations.  You can choose to search by location, or you can choose to search by date. The ‘Find Available Locations’ option is an element on the dashboard of 25Live.

Sign In to 25Live
  1. From the Start Menu on the computer, select the appropriate Internet Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the recommended browsers for 25Live.  Internet Explorer is also compatible if using the newest version of IE)
  2. In the search bar enter:
  3. Enter your MEID and Password.
Search Using 'Find Available Locations'

I know WHEN my event should take place - help me FIND A LOCATION

By using this searchable resource, the user can enter the desired date and time of the event and search spaces that are available during this time.

I know WHERE my event should take place - help me CHOOSE A TIME

By using this searchable resource, the user can enter the desired location for the event and search dates and times that the space is available.

From these searches, a new event request can be started. If the user already knows the date, time, and location and does not need to search for this information, the user may proceed directly to Creating an Event.

View Location Availability

To view all events scheduled in a particular location, follow these steps (steps with screen shots attached):

  • Sign in to 25Live
  • Click on 'Locations' tab
  • Enter location keyword in 'Search by Keyword' (for example: Plaza, for Plaza Gallery)
  • Click on the name of the appropriate location
  • Click on the 'Availability' tab
  • Choose the appropriate date range to view the availability for that day/week/month