EMC Calendar & Reservation Guidelines

About EMC Reservations

On January 6, 2014, the Maricopa Community Colleges transitioned from R25 Webviewer calendars to 25Live as the official space reservation and calendar system for Maricopa Community Colleges. It is a web-based system that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access from the following URL:

The EMC Reservations Calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for Estrella Mountain Community College students, faculty, staff, and the community. 25Live is maintained by the Instructional Services and Business Services departments at EMC.

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the recommended browsers for 25Live.  Internet Explorer is also compatible if using the newest version of IE.

About EMC Public Calendars

The EMC Public Calendars for Community, Student, and Employee were designed to provide information to each of the constituency groups on events and meetings that pertain to that group.  The EMC Public Calendars are not an all-inclusive list of all events and classes that are scheduled on campus, therefore, these calendars should not be used to find available locations, or to search for events in a particular space on campus.

For security and legal reasons, many reservations are intentionally not published to the public calendars.  However, as Maricopa Community College employees, all events (private and public) can be viewed by logging into 25Live and using the resources on the 'Find a Room' page.

Guidelines for Submission

All events utilizing any space on campus whether the event is public or private, must be submitted through the EMC Reservation System and be approved prior to use.  Only MCCCD employees and students with MEID usernames and passwords may access the system. All other users must email to make a request.

All events requests are tentative until approved by the appropriate scheduler and the requestor has been notified that the event is confirmed.

Requesting an Event

Follow the guidelines located at Requester Guide for EMC Reservations.

Reservation Dates and Timelines

Reservations require a minimum of a 24 hour notice. If requesting an event for the same day, requests must be submitted to DL-EMC-EventRequests and must include the following details. Please note, that a space is not confirmed until the appropriate scheduler and/or administrator reviews and approves the request and a confirmation is assigned.

Reservations are only being accepted for the following dates and times. If your event is in the future, please hold the request until the 25Live Admins open these dates for reservations.

  • Conference Rooms and Outdoor Spaces - Now through December 31, 2017 [Reservations for 2018 will be open in July 2017]
  • Classrooms - Now through December 2017 [Reservations for Spring 2018 and later will be available after October 2017]
  • Vehicles - One month in advance

External Organizations

All reservations and/or space rentals for external organizations, including tabling, vendors, and EMC sponsored events, must be reserved in consultation with the Facilities Scheduling Office. Please contact, or contact Debra Maihofer at (623) 935-8248.