Requester Guide for EMC Reservations

Getting Started

25Live is the official space reservation and calendar system for Maricopa Community Colleges. It is a web-based system that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access from the following URL:

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the recommended browsers for 25Live.  Internet Explorer is also compatible if using the newest version of IE.

Sign In to 25Live
  1. From the Start Menu on the computer, select the appropriate Internet Browser
  2. In the search bar enter:
  3. Enter your MEID and Password.
  4. Home Screen/Dashboard – Each time you sign into your account, the Dashboard Home Screen will display.

Find Available Locations

There are two easy ways to begin searching for available locations.  You can choose to search by location, or you can choose to search by date. The ‘Find Available Locations’ options is an element on the dashboard of 25Live.

By using the ‘I know when my event should take place – help me find a location’, the user can enter the desired date and time of the event and search spaces that are available during this time.

By using the ‘I know where my event should take place – help me choose a time’, the user can enter the desired location for the event and search dates and times that the space is available.

Completing the Requestor Event Wizard

The Requestor Event Wizard for general requestors consists of the following fields.  Reservations are not confirmed until the appropriate scheduler and/or administrator reviews and approves the request and a confirmation is assigned.

  • Event Name – this is what will display to the public on the web calendars. Please limit abbreviations and general titling. Event names should be clear and easy to understand by the general public.
  • Event Type – the most appropriate event type should be selected. Different public calendars depend on accuracy of the event type. Only one event type can be selected and cannot be changed once confirmed. Please reference the definitions for Event Types in the appendix section.
  • Event Categories – users will indicate which public calendar this event will be displayed on by selecting only one of the following categories:
    • Open to the Public (will also display on Student and Employee Calendars);
    • Student Event (will also display on Employee Calendar);
    • Employee (will only display on Employee Calendar);
    • Do Not Publish (will not be displayed on any public calendar).
    • In addition, users may also categorize social/global, civic engagement/political, and cultural/diversity events for MCCCD reporting.
  • Primary Organization – this is the organization facilitating and/or requesting the event. Search by ‘Types’. Only use EMC Internal or EMC Student organizations.
  • Event Date and Time – this is the date and time of the event.  For recurring events, only use ad-hoc dates rather than recurring event. If the event requires additional setup beyond facilities setup, please indicate the amount of time needed using the "Pre-Event" and "Post-Event" times. Do not include these times in the time of the actual event. Setup and Takedown times are for facilities use only.
  • Event Locations – the requested space or spaces. Search by ‘Categories’.
  • Expected Head Count – the expected head count is required for all requests for space utilization reporting.
  • Event Description – the Event Description is required for 'Open to Public' events and is subject to review, approval, and modification based on EMC Calendar Guidelines.
  • Setup Requirements – list any setup requirements including facilities and technology. Setups requested though this request form will be forwarded to the appropriate staff in lieu of HelpDesk tickets. Please do not duplicate setup requirements with a HelpDesk ticket. If a HelpDesk ticket has already been submitted, please indicate the HelpDesk ticket number in the notes.  This information will not be publically displayed.

Cancelling Events

Events that have been cancelled for any reason, should be cancelled in 25Live for accurate reporting, room utilization reporting, to allow others to request the space, and to show an accurate record of the calendar of events on public calendars. Cancelled events will still show on public calendars, but will show as cancelled.

Events that need to be cancelled should be cancelled through an email request to DL-EMC-EventRequests. Please include the confirmation number and the date(s) to be cancelled.