Requester Guide for EMC Reservations

About EMC Calendars

On January 6, 2014, the Maricopa Community Colleges transitioned from R25 Webviewer calendars to 25Live as the official space reservation and calendar system for Maricopa Community Colleges. It is a web-based system that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access from the following URL:

The EMC Public Calendars for Community, Student, and Employee were designed to provide information to each of the constituency groups on events and meetings that pertain to that group.  The EMC Public Calendars are not an inclusive list of all events and classes that are scheduled on campus, therefore, these calendars should not be used to find available locations, or to search for events in a particular space on campus.

For security and legal reasons, many reservations are intentionally not published to the public calendars.  However, as Maricopa Community College employees, all events (private and public) can be viewed by logging into 25Live and using the resources and instructions below.

25Live is managed by Instructional Services and events are jointly maintained by the Instructional Services and Business Services departments at EMC.

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the recommended browsers for 25Live.  Internet Explorer is also compatible if using the newest version of IE.

Guidelines for Submission

All events utilizing any space on campus including outdoor spaces and vehicles, and whether the event is public or private, must be submitted through the EMC Reservation System and be approved prior to use.  Only MCCCD employees and student-workers with MEID usernames and passwords that are in the Human Capital Management (HCM) system may access the system. All other users must email to make a request.

All events requests are drafts until approved by the appropriate scheduler and the requestor has been notified that the event is confirmed. Please do not use any space on campus that does not have prior approval. Approval is required to ensure there are no conflicts, and for security access to spaces.

Reservation Dates and Timelines

Reservations require a minimum of a 24 hour notice. If requesting an event for the same day, request must be submitted to DL-EMC-EventRequests and must include the details required in the Event Wizard below. Please note, that a space is not confirmed until the appropriate scheduler reviews and approved the request and a confirmation is assigned.

Reservations are only accepted during specific timelines. Please refer to the EMC Calendar Guidelines website for specific dates.

  • Conference Rooms and Outdoor Spaces: Accepting requests up to approximately one-year in advance.
  • Classrooms: Accepting requests for active terms in which registration for that term has already begun.
  • Vehicles: Accepting requests for active terms in which registration for that term has already begun.

Getting Started

  1. ​From the Start Menu on the computer, select the appropriate Internet Browser
  2. In the search bar enter:
  3. Enter your MEID and Password.
  4. Home Screen/Dashboard – Each time you sign into your account, the Dashboard Home Screen will display.

Find Available Locations

There are two easy ways to begin searching for available locations.  You can choose to search by location, or you can choose to search by date. The ‘Find Available Locations’ options is an element on the dashboard of 25Live.

By using the ‘I know when my event should take place – help me find a location’, the user can enter the desired date and time of the event and search spaces that are available during this time.

By using the ‘I know where my event should take place – help me choose a time’, the user can enter the desired location for the event and search dates and times that the space is available.

Completing the Requestor Event Wizard

The Requestor Event Wizard for general requestors consists of the following fields.  Reservations are not confirmed until the appropriate scheduler and/or administrator reviews and approves the request and a confirmation is assigned.

Please read all of the on-screen instructions in the Event Wizard as instructions are subject to change.

  • Event Name or Authorized Driver – Enter the Full Event Name. Be descriptive using searchable keywords, no symbols, acronyms, or abbreviations. **Vehicle Reservations: Enter the name of the EMCC authorized driver.
  • Event Type – Select the event type that most closely relates to this event. Only one event type can be selected and cannot be changed once confirmed. **Vehicle Reservations: Only use TRAVEL. Public calendars may depend on the accuracy of the event type. Please reference the definitions for Event Types in the appendix section of this document.
  • Primary Organization for Event or Driver – Choose the department or program responsible for this event or for the travel. All EMCC Organizations will start with ‘EM_”. Search using ‘Browse” in the dropdown menu, then search by Types. If the correct Organization is not listed, contact DL-EMC-EventRequests.
  • Expected Head Count or Number of Passengers – the expected head count is required for all requests for space utilization reporting.
  • Event Description – This is required for ‘Open to Public’ events and recommended for all other types of events. The Event Description is subject to review, approval, and modification based on EMC Calendar Guidelines and will appear on the EMCC Published Calendars.
  • Event Start/End Date – There is a minimum of a one-day notice required for all online requests. Plan accordingly. If this event or vehicle reservation is for today, contact DL-EMC-EventRequests. The event start and end date must be the same day and should not be changed to cross over midnight or expand various days. For additional dates, use ad-hoc repeating (see image on next page).
  • Event Start/End Time – If this event has recurring dates, use the Ad-Hoc Recurring Dates only to select all dates in the occurrence. If an event has recurring dates of the same times, all dates can be added to one reservation regardless of date or location. Please contact DL-EMC-EventRequests to add additional dates to an existing reservation. This is the time of the actual event, not to include pre-event or post-event setups. 
  • Pre-Event and Post-Event - If the event requires additional setup beyond facilities setup, please indicate the amount of time needed using the "Pre-Event" and "Post-Event" times. Do not include these times in the time of the actual event. Do not use Setup and Takedown times. These are for facilities use only.
  • Requested Location or Vehicle – Search by Location Name using the building codes or room number (i.e. OCT or 120, or OCT-120).  **Vehicle Reservations: Search by location name ‘Vehicle’. Please reference the locations in the appendix section of this document.
  • Event Categories –Indicate which public calendar this event will be displayed on by selecting only one of the following categories: Open to the Public (will also display on Student and Employee Calendars); Student Event (will also display on Employee Calendar); Employee (will only display on Employee Calendar); Do Not Publish (will not be displayed on any public calendar). In addition, users may also categorize social/global, civic engagement/political, and cultural/diversity events for MCCCD reporting. **Vehicle Reservations: Only use ‘DO NOT PUBLISH’. Do not use any other categories!
  • Setup Requirements or Purpose and Destination of Travel – List any setup requirements including facilities and technology. Setups requested though this request form will be forwarded to the appropriate staff. Do not duplicate setup requests with a Helpdesk ticket. If a Helpdesk Ticket has already been submitted, indicate the HD number in the note. If no setup required, type N/A. **Vehicle Reservations: Enter the purpose and destination of the travel.
  • Event or Vehicle Reservation Contact Name and Phone Number – Provide the best contact name and phone number for the person responsible for this event. **Vehicle Reservations: Enter the authorized driver’s name and cell phone number.

Cancelling Events

Events that have been cancelled for any reason, should be cancelled in 25Live for accurate reporting, room utilization reporting, to allow others to request the space, and to show an accurate record of the calendar of events on public calendars.

Events that need to be cancelled should be cancelled through an email request to DL-EMC-EventRequests. Please include the confirmation number and the date(s) to be cancelled.