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18-Week Coding Bootcamp

Become a Software Developer

EMCC and Promineo Tech are partnering to offer you the affordable training you need to become a software developer! Software developers create computer programs that help users do everything from organize data to play video games. They write the back-end and front-end computer programs we all rely on to help us in our everyday lives.

Promineo Tech provides a group of IT professionals and leaders who believe that quality education should be offered at an affordable price. Promineo Tech collaborates with community colleges to prepare participants for high-growth careers in software development.

This program is designed to be accessible and flexible, so working professionals who are actively seeking a career change can reach their goal.

Back-End Software Development Bootcamp

Back End Software Developers are in charge of building applications that do the behind-the-scenes work. This typically involves receiving requests from a Front End application, processing the request, reading and writing to a database, and responding back to requests from other applications.

If you enjoy working with data, defining and optimizing processes, and knowing how things work behind the scenes, the Back End program may be a great fit for you.

Students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a back end software developer: Introduction to Java, Relational Databases with MySQL, and Web API Design with Spring Boot.

Back-End Software Developer. Cost $2,995

Live Online

* 2 Start Dates/Sessions

02/15/2022 to 06/14/2022

04/13/2022 to 08/10/2022

Next Class Starts: February 15, 2022

Request Information:
Andrew George | Program Specialist
Phone: 603.696.3847

Front-End Software Development Bootcamp

Would you prefer building the websites, apps, and services users need, want, and enjoy? Promineo's Front-End Software Developer program teaches students the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry in just 18 weeks! 

This program consists of three 6-week courses: Introduction to Java Script, Front End Technologies, and Web App design with React JS.

In addition to classroom hours, students will be required to meet one-on-one with a mentor each week. This class is a virtual hybrid and includes the FESD certification exam.

Front-End Software Developer. Cost: $2,995

Live Online

* 3 Start Dates/Sessions

01/26/2022 to 05/25/2022

03/17/2022 to 07/14/2022

05/10/2022 to 09/06/2022

Next Class Starts: January 26, 2022

Request Information:
Andrew George | Program Specialist
Phone: 603.696.3847


Wondering if coding is a good fit for you? Take our short, 12-question assessment!


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Affordable Career Training

According to Course Report, the average coding boot camp costs $13,584.

Our program is designed to deliver the same results at a much lower price, only $2,995, so everyone has the opportunity to enter the workforce as a software developer.

Estrella Mountain Community College gives you the option of using a payment plan to cover the costs, so you can manage smaller payments as you learn.

To learn more, see our Payment Plan page.

Ready to Enroll?

To begin enrollment, take the assessment or contact Estrella Mountain Community College's Community Education department at 623-935-8888 and ask about the Software Development bootcamps.