Community Education

Materials and Supplies

Class: Basic Drawing: An Introduction

  • Please bring any current art supplies you are accustomed to using. A supply list and/or needed supplies will be available for the student to buy on the first day of class based on need and desire. (i.e. pencils, eraser)


Class: Comics & Cartooning

   *  If you already have supplies bring them. If you are a beginner there will be supplies you may use to better understand what to purchase.

Class: Watercolor Basics

  • 9 x 12 watercolor pad or 11 x 15 paper (Strathmore or Canson, 140 lb, acid free)
  • 3 different watercolor paint brushes
  • Cloth Rag
  • Rubber Cement

Class: Calligraphy

  • A bold or medium tip calligraphy pen (instructor prefers Sheaffer).  You can buy a set or one pen, they come with ink cartridges.

Class: Acrylics, Beginning

  • Canvas or Canvas Panel (12 x 16 suggested), Synthetic stiff bristle brushes #2, 4, 6, Paint: Lg. tube Titanium White, Reg. tubes of Ultramarine Blue PB29, Phthalo Blue Grenn Shade PB 15,   Quinacridone Rose PV19  

Class: Oil Painting

  • One canvas or canvas panel - 12" x 16" suggested
  • Two Brushes:  Hog Bristle brushes:  #2, 4, & 6
  • Large tube Titanium white, Reg. size: Ultramarine Blue PB15, Quinacridone Rose PV19, Lemon Yellow (Hansa Yellow Light) PY#
  • Small can odorless mineral spirits and a jar with a lid to clean your brushes.
    If you do not have all the supplies, come anyway.  You can use some of the instructors equipment/items to help you learn what to buy.