Nuclear Power Technology

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Nuclear Power Technology program is designed to provide trade-related classroom training as required by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, the State of Arizona Apprenticeship Division, and the National Academy for Nuclear Training. The program consists of a core curriculum that is common to all nuclear power plant maintenance disciplines. The student selects courses from the restricted electives to complete specialized craft-related training.


Academic Career

Students must earn a grade of B or better in all courses within the program.

Academic Plan

This program is offered through an educational partnership. Employment by the partnership organization is required for admission.

Total Credits Required
What You’ll Learn
  • Demonstrate microcomputer software applications for the personal computer to include word processing, development of an electronic spreadsheet, and keyboarding in a desktop environment. (CIS105)
  • Apply safety principles pertaining to nuclear processes and systems. (PPT120, PPT202, PPT203, PPT221)
  • Read and interpret technical documents pertaining to nuclear power plant systems. (PPT120, PPT121, PPT202, PPT203, PPT222)
  • Explain fundamental theories related to nuclear power plant components and systems. (PPT120, PPT121, PPT202, PPT203, PPT221)
  • Solve technical problems related to nuclear power plant components and systems using equations and mathematical principles. (MAT151, PPT120, PPT121, PPT202, PPT203, PPT221, PPT222)
  • Describe the operation of various nuclear power plant components and systems. (PPT120, PPT121, PPT202, PPT203)
  • Describe the operation of nuclear power plant processes. (PPT221, PPT222)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems3
MAT150College Algebra/Functions (5) OR
MAT151College Algebra/Functions (4) OR
MAT152College Algebra/Functions (3)3-5
PPT120Energy Industry Fundamentals3
PPT121Power Plant Components3
PPT202Power Plant Systems I3
PPT203Power Plant Systems II3
PPT221Reactor Theory3
PPT222Reactor Plant Chemistry and Materials3
Course Sequence by Term
Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
Select from any of the following courses to complete a total of 12-15 Credit Hours.
DFT105AAComputer Aided Drafting I: AutoCAD3
DFT114Machine Trades Blueprint Reading3
DFT115Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing3
ELC/FAC/HVA105Electricity for Industry3
ELC/FAC115Motors, Controls and Wiring Diagrams3
ELC119Concepts of Electricity and Electronics3
ELC120Solid State Fundamentals3
ELC210AC Machinery and DC Machinery3
ELC217Motor Controls3
ELC218Variable Frequency Drives3
ELC219Programmable Controllers4
ELT113Basic Electronics4
ELT131Digital and Logic Circuits4
ELT195Solid State Electronics4
ELT251Electronic Instrumentation3
FAC/HVA101Refrigeration Applications and Components I3
FAC186Electro-Mechanical Devices3
FAC/HVA210Facilities Air Conditioning Systems3
FAC220Controls and Instrumentation3
FAC235Commercial Air and Water Test and Balance3
HVA103Refrigeration Applications and Components II3
HVA104EPA Section 608 Technician Preparation and Certification0.5
HVA112Heating and Air Conditioning3
HVA143Load Calculation and Duct Design3
GTC/OSH/MIT106Industrial Safety2
MET206CNC Programming3
GTC223Advanced Machine Tools3
GTC236CAD/CAM Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming3
MET112Inspection Techniques3
MET131Lean Manufacturing3
MFG102Machine Processes, Theory and Application3
OSH105AAConstruction Safety3
OSH106AAIndustrial Safety3
PPT101Hand and Power Tools1
PPT103Print Reading and Plant Drawings1
PPT112Principles of Machining3
PPT114Drive and Gear Components1
PPT115Hydraulics and Pneumatics2
PPT118Conduct of Maintenance1
PPT119Instrument Air Compressor Maintenance2
PPT200Industry Events1
PPT204Measuring and Test Equipment1
PPT207Heat Exchangers1
PPT209Pipefitting Auxiliaries II2
PPT210Valve Maintenance II3
PPT212Control Valves and Actuators1
PPT213Pumps II3
PPT214Machine Alignment3
PPT215Relief and Safety Valves1
PPT218Lathe Operations2
PPT219Milling Machine Operations2
WLD101Welding I3
WLD106Arc Welding5
WLD201Welding II3
WLD206Advanced Welding - Heliarc and Wire Feed5
WLD208Advanced Arc Welding - Certification5
General education requirements
General Education RequirementCredits: 22-27
General Education CoreCredits: 12-17
First-Year CompositionCredits: 6
ENG101First-Year Composition3
ENG102First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG111Technical and Professional Writing (3)
Oral CommunicationCredits: 3
Any approved general education course in the Oral Communication area.3
Critical ReadingCredits: 0-3
CRE101College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (3)
Equivalent as indicated by assessment (0)0-3
MathematicsCredits: 3-5
MAT120Intermediate Algebra (5) OR
MAT121Intermediate Algebra (4) OR
MAT122Intermediate Algebra (3)3-5
General Education DistributionCredits: 10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits: 3
Any approved general education course in the Humanities, Arts and Design area.
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits: 3
Any approved general education course in the Social-Behavioral Sciences area.
Natural SciencesCredits: 4
PHS110Fundamentals of Physical Science (4) OR
PHY101Introduction to Physics (4)4

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