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Behavioral Sciences

Student Engagement Through Campus Events
Student Engagement Through Campus Events

Behavioral Sciences Core Commitments

  • Science to Understand and Improve Humanity
  • Individual In Society
  • Social Justice
  • Cultural Inclusivity

Division Mission

The mission of the Division of Behavioral Sciences is to continuously develop a learner-centered academic program focused on the scientific understanding of human behavior both individually and in social groups, as well as using this knowledge to improve individual well-being, create effective and fair social relationships, and infuse a sense cultural appreciation that allows the successful integration of all aspects of  diversity in human activity. We believe students learn best when cultivating scientific inquiry, communication skills, critical and creative thinking, and awareness of their own social, civic, and global responsibilities.  We promote high academic standards while offering the support, resources, and opportunities for excellence that allow all of our students to achieve success.

Division Culture Statement

  1. Recognizing that a diversity of perspectives is important for a vibrant culture, we strive to create an atmosphere where we encourage each other to share our ideas and opinions in a respectful and constructive environment.  
  2. Recognizing the importance of a collaborative and respectful environment, we will actively support each other’s professional growth and needs, as well as our initiatives and projects. 
  3. Recognizing the value of professional integrity towards one another, we will respond to our professional obligations- including returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner, posting standing updates before the due date, and meeting deadlines and obligations (e.g., SIS 45th day, turning syllabi, grading, holding office hours, attending division meetings) in a timely manner.
  4. To create a sustainable and innovative campus culture, we will participate in campus-wide activities when appropriate and create initiatives that engage the campus in the values this division represents.