Modern Languages

ESL Non-Credit Classes

ESL non-credit classes are designed for English as Second Language learners who would like to improve their basic speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. You will practice language to communicate information about typical activities in the home, community, and workplace. There are 6 non-credit classes offered at EMCC.


  • ESL Foundations Low Beginning (LB) 

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores between 1-11

  • ESL Foundations High Beginning (HB)  

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores between 12-24

  • ESL Foundations Low Intermediate (LI) 

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores between 25-37

  • ESL Foundations High Intermediate (HI) 

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores between 38-50

  • ESL Foundations Low Advanced (LA)   

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores between 51-63

  • ESL Foundations High Advanced (HA)

    • Recommended for FEFR Scores 64 and higher

Speak to an  Advisor for advice on which class to take. 

View the Frequently Asked Questions to review the difference between credit and non-credit classes. 

Tuition is a flat rate for everyone. 

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