Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Estrella Mountain Community College offers credit and non-credit ESL classes. 

Credit classes: Cost per credit is based on a student's Residency Classification. ESL classes are typically 3 credits per class. Please review the Tuition and Fees for the cost per credit. 

Non-Credit: Costs vary semester by semester. Cost for an ESL non-credit class can range from $99 - $159 depending on the semester. Please review the non-credit class schedule for exact amounts.

Every student enrolling in credit classes is required to take the CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment). The CELSA will help determine your level of English. Based on your level, an advisor can help recommend what classes you can take. See Testing Schedule for hours available.

The numerical unit of college credits earned for the satisfactory completion of a specific course; also referred to as semester hours or units (e.g., 3 credit hours). Credit hours are based on the amount of time spent in class per week.


  • A college course
  • Are part of a student's official transcripts, grades are calculated into the grade point average (GPA)
  • Grades, homework, and tests
  • Attendance requirements. Can be dropped for non-attendance. 
  • One class focuses on a single skill
  • Most courses have required materials that must be purchased by the student, like textbooks
  • Qualify for financial aid
  • Tuition rates vary depending on one's residency; Arizona state residents pay less than out-of-state or out-of-county residents


  • Classes offered at the college
  • ARE NOT part of a student's official transcript
  • DO NOT have grades, homework, or tests
  • DO NOT have attendance requirements
  • Integrated classes. Multiple skills covered in one class
  • DO NOT have required materials that must be purchased 
  • DO NOT qualify for financial aid
  • Tuition rate is the same for everyone. Student will need to show a government issued photo ID

You will want to get your foreign transcripts translated to English and evaluated by a company that has been approved by EMCC's Admission and Registration office. Please review the information on Sending Transcripts > Foreign/International Transcripts for a list of approved evaluating companies, and the process to submit. 

Once your transcripts have been evaluated and sent to EMCC's Admission and Registration office, you can set up an appointment with an advisor to discuss what degree options are available. 

Proposition 300 requires residency verification to determine tuition costs for student taking credit classes. Students who are not residents are still eligible to take classes at EMCC.  You can read more about Proposition 300 and what it means to students in the Maricopa County Community College District.

Yes! Proposition 300 only affects tuition rates. It does not affect your eligibility to enroll in classes. Your education is important to us. Both resident and nonresident students are welcome to take ESL classes.

Credit Classes: Students enrolling in a credit class, please review Step 1 in Enrollment Steps for information on documents needed to enroll.

Non-Credit Classes: Students enrolling in non-credit classes must show proof of identity by submitting a current government-issued photo ID. Please review Proof of Identity: ID Authentication for a list of acceptable ID's

Visit the Enrollment Steps to get started at EMCC.

Visit the Students page for further information about the college and services available.

If you have specific questions about ESL, you can call Regina Hernandez-Garcia at 623-935-8828 ¡Se habla español!