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Adjunct Faculty Professional Development

Welcome! This is your one stop source for professional development resources as an instructor here at Estrella Mountain Community College.

EMCC and MCCCD are committed to supporting the professional development of Adjunct Faculty. This page was developed by adjunct faculty for adjunct faculty through the Adjunct Faculty Professional Learning Community and is supported by college leadership. Opportunities to increase engagement with fellow faculty, staff, students, and other professionals, include EMCC's:

  • Adjunct Faculty Professional Learning Community
  • Adjunct Faculty Institute (Saturday workshops)
  • Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation

Adjunct faculty are encouraged to:

  1. get involved with EMCC events and student activities
  2. join EMCC's adjunct faculty mentoring program
  3. attend sponsored events for faculty through EMC's Professional Learning Communities
  4. participate in MCCCD sponsored faculty development workshops
  5. connect with the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) and attend AFA events
  6. utilize Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Funds
  7. use MCCCD's tuition waiver for credit classes