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Continuing Adjunct Faculty Education (CAFE)

Continuing Adjunct Faculty Education (CAFE) Credits - Compensation Program

What does the program do?: Provide compensation to adjunct faculty for ongoing training and professional development related to Teaching, Learning, and Student Success. 

Why does EMCC support the program?: Adjunct faculty provide significant learning opportunities to community college students. Investing in adjunct faculty development, and their success in the learning environment impacts student success.

Who coordinates the CAFE?: The adjunct faculty development program is coordinated by EMCC's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) with advice from the college's Professional Learning Community (PLC) advisory team.


  • Individuals must be an adjunct faculty member currently teaching for the semester at EMCC to be eligible for the CAFE credit program.
  • "Credits" cannot be carried over from one semester OR academic year to another.
  • Attend as many workshops as desired, but compensation is limited to only CAFE credit approved workshops. 
  • Funding is limited. Individuals who have not received compensation in prior semesters will be given first priority for compensation consideration. 

To participate:

  1. Register for CTL or Saturday workshops via CTL registration site
  2. Sign in and attend the workshops (*Must attend the entire workshop, no partial credit for partial attendance).
  3. Please note: you are no longer required to turn in the CAFE credit form. The CTL Administrative Specialist Sr. will be tracking your progress during the semester.  If you have additional questions please email

Funding is limited and priority is given to first-time participants. Based on attendance at approved workshops offered by EMCC's CTL, adjunct faculty may earn a maximum of 9 hours (CAFE credits) of professional development compensation. 


  • Every hour of training is equal to one credit. Partial credits are accepted (i.e., by quarter of hours).
  • You are compensated $29.22 per hour. For example, if you attend a workshop that is 1.5 hours you will be compensated a total of $43.83 ($29.22 * 1.5 hr).
  • Payment for accumulated credits will be made at the end of the semester.
  • Only full attendance at a workshop is paid. No partial credit/compensation for partial attendance.
  • Funding is limited. Repeat workshops will not be compensated if taken in the last 2 calendar years.


  • ALL CTL workshops are open to any adjunct faculty.
  • Adjuncts are encouraged to attend as many professional development opportunities as desired.

To register for workshops:

  • Login to CTL page for workshop registration:
  • Select the workshops you would like to attend.
  • Only workshops that are designated CAFE credit will be compensated.
  • You must sign-in to receive your CAFE credit compensation.

Workshop Verification

  • Attendance at a compensation-eligible workshop is verified by the CTL online registration system and electronic sign-in.
  • The CTL offers many various workshops. The only workshops eligible for CAFE credit are identified as CAFE credits.
  • Individuals must register for the workshop, sign-in the day of the event, and attend the ENTIRE session to receive credit.
  • Your compensation for CAFE credits will be generated the week after the semester ends. Please allow up to two paycheck cycles to receive your compensation. If you do not receive your compensation after two paycheck cycles please contact