College Research Review Committee

College Research Review Committee

The Estrella Mountain College Research Review Committee (CRRC) is part of the instructional review board (IRB) of Maricopa Community College District, a federally mandated group that oversees the ethics of research involving human participants. (For a more comprehensive overview of the IRB and CRRC, please see the MCCCD Overview of the IRB.)

 At EMCC, the CRRC has the following roles:

  • Advise the Vice President of Learning, who is the institutional authority to approve research.
  • Oversee the review of exempt student research.
  • Provide guidance to researchers in complying with IRB standards for on-campus research related to the campus mission.
  • Serve as a campus resource to ensure that approved research fulfills its ethical obligations.

If you are interested in doing research with human subjects, please follow the steps below.

For Employees:

  • Download and fill out this Research Request Form.
    • Once it is filled out, attach a copy to an email to the Vice President of Learning.(and copy requesting consideration
    • The Vice President of Learning will review your project to determine if it can be approved.
  • If it is approved, go to the MCCCD IRB site and click the MCCCD Employees button.

For Students:

  • Ensure you have a faculty sponsor who will help guide your research and oversee the IRB process.
  • Download the student checklist for completing IRB to get started.
  • Make sure to get your ethics training certificate, which will be attached to your research proposal.  To get the training, go to this link for the National Institutes of Health.
  • Use the sample IRB application for student research and the sample consent form to guide you as you write up your proposal.  Make sure to share your work with your faculty sponsor.
  • Have your faculty sponsor submit your completed application (see the student checklist for completing the IRB for details.) to the Vice President of Learning for first approval.
  • Once the study has been approved by the Vice President of Learning, submit your materials to the College Research Review Committee at least two weeks before you begin your research.
  • Your faculty sponsor will be contacted if your study is approved, rejected or needs modifications.  Work with your faculty sponsor to modifications are required.
  • Once you have been approved to do research, continue to work with your faculty sponsor and you are on your way!

If you have questions whether your project is human-subjects research, please contact either of the CRRC co-chairs: