Student Academic Achievement Committee


EMCC's Definition of Communication

Students will be able to effectively communicate information to a diverse audience. 

Note: Estrella Mountain focuses on "informative speaking" with a focus on the physical and vocal delivery aspects. 

History of Assessment of Communication

Communication was assessed college wide for the first time in Fall 2010, Fall 2013 and and was reassessed in Fall 2016.

Please see attached file for a summary of those results.

Faculty discussion of results and what they mean for improving teaching and learning occurred during the spring 2011, spring 2014, and spring 2017 Assessment Awareness Week's Classroom Conversations luncheon.

Future Assessment of Communication

Students' communication ability will be reassessed in the Fall 2019 semester, according to the general education abilities assessment cycle.  Faculty members who are interested in participation should contact the SAAC co-chairs to learn details.