Student Academic Achievement Committee

Critical Inquiry

EMCC's Definition for Critical Inquiry

Students demonstrating this ability can critically apply higher order thinking skills to resolve authentic problems across the curriculum. Learning tasks include analyzing/interpreting data (given or collected), evaluating the data as it relates to the problem, and forming explanations or conclusions.

History of Assessing Critical Inquiry

This general education ability was assessed during Fall 2011 under the title of Scientific Inquiry.  Please click on the Scientific Inquiry assessment report to learn details. Due to the narrow parameters of the term Scientific Inquiry, and to appeal to a broader cross-curricular audience and embrace the reality that all disciplines inquire critically in their assignments and activities, the term was changed to Critical Inquiry by the SAAC committee in 2013 and approved by Faculty Senate. Reassessment occurred in Fall 2014. Results are posted accordingly.

Future of Assessing Critical Inquiry

EMCC students' critical inquiry ability will be reassessed in Fall 2017 semester, according to the general education ability assessment cycle.