Student Academic Achievement Committee

Quantitative Reasoning

EMCC's Definition of Quantitative Reasoning

Students will demonstrate the ability to make analytical comparisons, conjectures, interpretations, predictions, and generalizations.  Students will choose appropriate mathematical tools and effectively apply a strategy for a solution.

History of Assessment of Quantitative Reasoning

Numeracy was assessed among sophohmore students (those with 25 or more Maricopa Community College credits) in both the Spring 2008 and spring 2009 using the College Basic Academic Subjects Exam (CBASE).

Numeracy was assessed in the spring 2013 using the curriculum-integrated assessment approach and a common numeracy rubrics, but due to the low participation rate (two faculty had their classes complete the assessment), a comprehensive report is not available.

The ability "Numeracy" was changed to "Quantitative Reasoning" in Fall 2013 in order to emphasize that this ability was not solely focused on mathematics courses but could be used in courses across the curriculum that use quantitative data to facilitate reasoning.  Quantitative reasoning assessments was being implemented during the Fall 2015 semester, and results will be posted as soon as they are available.

Future of Assessment of Quantitative Reasoning

According to the General Education Assessment Cycle, Quantitative Reasoning is scheduled to be reassessed  throughout the general education program during Fall 2018.* 

*Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 is a pilot year for streamlining the General Education Abilities (more to come...)