Student Academic Achievement Committee

Technological Literacy

EMCC's Definition of Technological Literacy

Technology Literacy is the ability to safely, responsibly, creatively, and effectively use appropriate technology to:

  • communicate;
  • access, collect, manage, integrate, and evaluate information;
  • endeavor to predict future needs, solve problems and innovatively create solutions;
  • build and share knowledge;
  • improve and enhance learning in all subject areas and experiences;
  • apply technology and critical thinking to real-world experiences;
  • develop the knowledge and skills to adapt to changing technologies; and
  • use technology to meet personal needs, interests, and learning styles.

History of Assessment of Technological Literacy

EMCC assessed this ability during the Spring 2012 semester and reassessed it in Spring 2015.  Please download the assessment reports to learn more details.

Future Assessment of Technological Literacy

EMCC will assess this ability again during the spring 2017 semester as per the General Education Abilities Assessment Cycle.