Copy Center and Mail Room

Copy Center and Mail Room

EMCC Copy & Mail Services

Copy Services

Gina Haider - 623.935.8425

Mail Services


Services provided:

  • Copy request pick-up and delivery is between 10AM and 11AM M-F
  • Large scale print projects
  • Color copies (Requires Division Chair approval for Academic Divisions)
  • Color paper
  • Book binding
  • Laminating
  • Odd size copies
  • Cutting
  • Malfunctioning copiers on campus
  • Distribution of US and Intercampus mail
  • Bulk Mailing
  • Metering of official business mail
  • Daily US Mail pickup 10:00 am

** US stamps are available through the Follett Bookstore.
** Fed Ex supplies are available through Receiving

Employee/Department Coping Costs

  • B&W in the copy center is 4 cents per page
  • B&W using a convenience copier on campus is 8 cents per page
  • Color copies made anywhere is 12 cents per page. 
  • 11X17 copies count as two pages as well as double sided copies

United States Postal Services

  • Bulk Mailings:

Mail that exceeds 200 pieces is considered bulk mail and must be processed as such.

Information on bulk mail can be obtained at the US Post Office site at:

To download the "EMCC How To for Bulk Mailings"

For more information on USPS mailings please visit their website at