Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert


   Police training will be taking place in front of the Montezuma Hall Courtyard that may involve some minor pedestrian traffic disruption and possible simulated gun fire. There will be signage in place to alert the public and 911 dispatchers will be aware of the training. The training exercises will be held on the following dates from 9am - 5pm: 8/5, 8/6, 8/8, 8/10, 8/12, 8/13.



Option 1:  Chartwells Catering

Chartwells Catering offers a variety of menu options to meet all of you catering needs. They can provide everything from refreshments and snacks, to box lunches and hot meals. Chartwells currently has a contract with MCCCD which allows utilizing their catering services without getting competition from any other catering supplier. 

PLEASE NOTE: Chartwells is considered the College’s preferred caterer. Request to use a caterer other than Chartwells requires approval from a Vice President, Chartwells must confirm that they are not available for your event via email, and quote from Chartwells must be more than $200 more than quote from outside caterer.  Divisions are required to work with Chartwells, first, to provide food service for their meetings, events, or gatherings.  Per the MCCCD contract with Chartwells, Chartwells has a right to bid on any catered events with a cost of $100.00 or more; this includes events held at Regions Restaurant and outside catering suppliers.

option 2:  Outside Catering Suppliers

There are numerous catering suppliers registered as suppliers in FMS. However, an outside caterer must be chosen from the Fiscal Services approved catering supplier list. In order to utilize an outside caterer, Chartwells must confirm that they are unavailable for your event and/or have a quote that is $200 more than the quote from outside caterer.  Certificate of Insurance for the approved catering suppliers are maintained by Fiscal Services. Due to the contract with Chartwells, Chartwells has the right to bid on all catered events with a cost of $100.00 or more. 

option 3:  Regions Restaurant

Regions Restaurant is currently offering lunch on Thursdays and Fridays during the semester.  Regions is considered direct competition to Chartwells when they are booked for catered events. A division may choose to have a lunch meeting at Regions on the normal operating days without having to obtain a competitive bid from Chartwells; however, if an event is scheduled through Regions outside of these days and times, competition from Chartwells will be required. Payment to Regions is done through a journal voucher (JV) request for lunch or catering services. 

For additional information regarding EMCC's policies on purchasing food, visit Fiscal Services.