Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert


   Police training will be taking place in front of the Montezuma Hall Courtyard that may involve some minor pedestrian traffic disruption and possible simulated gun fire. There will be signage in place to alert the public and 911 dispatchers will be aware of the training. The training exercises will be held on the following dates from 9am - 5pm: 8/5, 8/6, 8/8, 8/10, 8/12, 8/13.



Complete definitions of the four categories and criteria for fee waivers and documentation are found on MCCCD's Administration Regulations Website. (see Admin Reg 1.5 Use of College Facilities).  

  • MCCCD Arizona Government Agency Exception
  • MCCCD Co-sponsored Exception
  • MCCCD Educational Mission Exception 
  • Professional Organization Exception 

The Business Office maintains records of these activities on campus and files reports with the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services for submission to the Vice Chancellor of Administration and the MCCCD Governing Board quarterly.

See overview of each exception below:

AR An additional permitted waiver or reduction of rent below that required under this regulation is if the event is managed by a governmental agency with a physical presence in Arizona for their sole benefit and is a limited use, such as a one-time meeting (even if occurring over a few days within a set period of time) or conference. Additionally, the event must pose an extremely low risk to Maricopa and minimal to no additional cost to Maricopa; for example, the event should not include potentially controversial speakers or topics that might require additional security; or additional staff to open and lock buildings; or involve physical activity in which participants might be injured. This waiver or reduction is permitted as an acknowledgement that MCCCD partners with many governmental agencies in the provision of service to the community and the limited use of the facility promotes MCCCD’s overall ability to serve the community together.

Required documents for Arizona Government Agency Exception:

  • Certificate of Insurance required
  • Facility Use Agreement must be signed indicating details of facilities use

An MCCCD organization, e.g., department, office, program, club, etc., may wish to co-sponsor an activity with an outside party or parties. “Co-sponsor” means an activity for which: MCCCD is an announced and publicized co-sponsor with other organizations; MCCCD personnel actively participate in the planning and management; and an MCCCD vice president or higher level MCCCD employee has approved.

When MCCCD provides its name and resources to an activity, MCCCD also takes on responsibilities and potential liabilities relating to it. It is critical that MCCCD employees have a significant involvement with the activity planning and management from the beginning of the planning, so that they can actively reduce risks to MCCCD.

Required documents for Co-sponsored Exception:

  • Risk assessment (MIRA) required.
  • Facility Use Agreement

MCCCD must charge fair-market rent, for the use of its facilities for non-MCCCD activities. The waiver or reduction of fees for such use is dependent upon the following criteria: The activity relates directly to MCCCD’s educational mission of higher education, the activity isn’t political, and the value MCCCD receives from the activity is substantially equal to the amount of rent MCCCD is foregoing.  It is the nature of the activity, and not the nature of the outside party using the facility, that determines the benefit to MCCCD.

The determination of whether a situation under this exception meets all three criteria requires a careful analysis of the linkage between MCCCD’s specific educational mission and MCCCD’s receipt of a tangible and auditable benefit to that mission from the outside party’s use of MCCCD facilities. Visit Maricopa Mission, Vision & Values for details.

Required documents for Educational Mission Exception: 

  • Certificate of Insurance required
  • Facility Use Agreement must be signed indicating details of facilities use

Many MCCCD employees are members of professional organizations whose objectives relate directly to their MCCCD jobs.  An example of that type of organization is the Western Association of College and University Business Officers.  Where that is the case, and the organization wishes to stage a meeting or event at EMCC, the college may permit them to do so as long as the employee-member actively participates in and manages the event, and the organization’s objectives directly relate to the employee’s work at MCCCD.

 Required documents for Professional Organization Exception:

  • Risk assessment (MIRA) required
  • Facility Use Agreement must be signed indicating details of facilities use