Event Planning

Resources on Campus - Event Planning

Working with other departments and personnel on campus will ensure the event is a success.  Opportunities to work with campus partners include:

Facilities Team - Set up spaces (both internal and external) including tables, chairs, popup tents, additional trash receptacles, etc.  The initial request for Facilities Team support is submitted along with the space request in 25Live.     

Media Team - Can assist with set up and use of projection, microphones, media podium (in the Estrella Conference Center), and other audiovisual needs.  Initial requests for Media Team assistance can be submitted using 25Live.  For more in depth requests, call the IT Helpdesk at (623) 935-8999.

Public Safety Team - The Public Safety office is available to assist with unlocking and securing spaces on campus.  Please call Public Safety at (623) 935-8915 if your event space is not unlocked when you arrive.  Please notify Public Safety if your event includes any parking on campus (to determine an appropriate location - not in a fire lane), for escort service for any deliveries being made on campus property and for any events that may need additional security.