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Financial Resource Planning

Welcome to EMCC's Financial Resource Planning Webpage. In fall 2018, the Financial Resource Committee (FRC) was formed to draft the institution's financial resource plan. Ongoing discussions led to the redesign of college financial resource planning to ensure that our resources continue to support the ambitious goals of EMCC. The new process and website aims to bring clarity and transparency to the college budget process. Further, it more strongly aligns resources with College priorities and department/division strategies to enable more strategic long-term planning. 

The College will continue to refine and integrate resource planning processes and developing stronger linkages between strategic planning and resource allocation. Moving forward, these pages will integrate long-term financial planning with budget office operations. 

Budget process forms can be located on the College's new Financial Resource Planning Intranet which can be accessed via the button below. The Intranet was developed to streamline budget process submissions and provide college stakeholders with easy access to information related to financial planning. 

Financial Resource Planning Intranet

Intranet Login Instructions

Requires MEID Log-in